We love new faces. And we love to welcome new guest contributors into our midst. If you feel you have something to add, and you write or create for an audience similar to ours, we’d love to hear from you!

First, take a good look around. Check out recent posts and the archives. Comment. Interact. Get a feel for who we are. Tweet. Link. Smoke signal. Share Us.

The more we’ve seen you around, the better.

Second, we’re flexible about submissions. If you write, great. If you’re a poet – we’d love to hear from you. If you create beautiful photos – do share. If you have just composed the most amazing song – link us the audio ’cause we LOVE music! If you create a beautiful compilation on video, or the most luscious slide-show on earth – show us! If you paint, draw or otherwise create visual beauty – we’re longing to hear from you!


Our readers are discerning people, predominantly women, who seek a place to recharge their batteries.

They work. They play. They struggle, laugh, and cry.

They find that life can be chaotic and they seek to balance the chaos with calm moments.

They believe in simplicity and happiness.

Our readers are positive, engaging, and real.

Guest Contributor Guidelines

To be accepted as a guest contributor, please read the following guidelines and ensure you understand them.

Theme – Each month we have a theme for contributions. We publish the themes three months in advance {see below}. Whilst it is not compulsory to contribute on the theme, it is highly recommended.

Publication Date – the publication of articles is spread throughout the month. We will schedule your post, and let you know when it will be published.

Deadline – posts are scheduled as they arrive. We prefer to receive posts prior to the month of publication, but may accept contributions up until the 7th of each month for that month.

Nature of Submission – submissions must not be advertorial in nature. The purpose of your contribution is to educate, inform, or inspire; to encourage people to visit your web link because of the expertise you demonstrate. Not a sales pitch. Promotional embedded links will be removed.

Copyright and Ownership – we ask that you provide us with original content that you have not previously published elsewhere; and provide us with a minimum of one month exclusivity. We’d appreciate it if you’d include a note such as ‘Previously published at‘ with an appropriate link if you publish your contributions elsewhere. You guarantee that the entire submission is your own work, or provide full credit to the source (preferably with their permission). The copyright to your work remains your own.

Agreement – by submitting a contribution to The Calm Space, you are signifying your agreement to these guidelines.

Comment Conversation – you are asked to encourage comment conversation and respond quickly and enthusiastically to all genuine comments received on your article. If you will not be available to comment at a particular time during the month, please let us know at the time of submission.

Publicity – details of your business or website link will be included in your brief biographical details published with each submission. We expect you to spread the word about The Calm Space and your involvement with us.

If you write a blog or send a newsletter, please link to your article as it is published, along with sharing on the social media sites where you’re active. We’ll do the same.

Preference will be given to guest contributors who demonstrate a commitment to The Calm Space through comment conversations, publicity of the magazine, and support in general.

Contributors who are enthusiastic and encourage their friends and contacts to visit have the most fun and benefit more from their involvement with us.

How to Submit (see below for Content Guidelines)

Once you have read the Content Guidelines below, please submit your contribution to our submission manager here: Submit to The Calm Space

Note, please include:

  1. a quick note on why you’d like to contribute to The Calm Space only if this is your first contribution and you haven’t spoken with us already.
  2. a brief bio – max 100 words – with details of you and/or your business. Include one website link and your twitter and Facebook page links. This will appear at the bottom of your contribution when it is published.
  3. a photo of yourself (head and shoulders) for use with the bio – this is optional but recommended.

Please note the Content Guidelines below to ensure your article is accepted, in particular the Links  request. Your submission will be acknowledged, and you will be advised within 7 days of the status of your submission, and publication date if it is accepted.

I encourage you to sign up for our weekly emails if you haven’t already.

Content Guidelines

Word count – as our readers are by definition busy people, we ask that articles are kept to a preferred length of 800 words, with a maximum of 1000 words. There is no minimum length. Images – you are encouraged to provide images to illustrate your submission. Images must be:

  • Landscape 590px x 360px
  • Either .jpg or .tif
  • Source acknowledged including weblink where appropriate
  • Ensure there are no copyright issues when using the image – use only images with a creative commons license, those you’ve purchased, or taken yourself
  • Upload images separately. We cannot use images that you have pasted into a word document

Writing – simple guidelines to reduce the amount of editing and maximise the possibility we’ll publish your submission:

  • do not use CAPITAL letters in your text. If you wish to add emphasis, use bold or italics (underline denotes an active web link)
  • spell out all numbers under twenty (ie five, not 5)
  • single space between sentences
  • short paragraphs are encouraged as they are easier to read on a screen
  • please read your article aloud to yourself several times before sending it! Spell check also (we’ll take account of spelling differences from different countries:)

Links – in both the body of your post and in your bio. Important!

  • Please include the details for all links in the following manner. If you hyperlink only, we may miss it when your article is posted. Put text to contain the link in CAPITAL LETTERS with the actual complete link after it in brackets. For example: you can find details on how to contribute HERE {}


The upcoming themes are:

  • September 2014 – Create
  • October 2014 – Friendship

One final thing – we relish connection and community, and would love for you to think of your contribution as ongoing, rather than one-off. Once your initial submission is accepted, we invite you to submit as often as you’d like during the year.

We find that the most successful guest contributors often go on to become part of our inner circle luminaries – those with their own ‘space’. Our inner circle is by invitation only.

I so look forward to hearing from you!

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Káren Wallace – Editor