Can anyone really hear the conversation in cyberspace?

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We’re all a twitter here with this new social technology… come visit Leah’s virtual cocktail party and learn how to get the best connections out of these new ways to converse…

2008 – A Year of Learning Challenges

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If you don’t believe that 2008 puts you smack bang in the middle of the digital age then think again. Leah challenges us all to take the opportunity that 2008 brings to learn more about the technology that fills and enhances our lives. She even sets a monthly challenge to help get you on the right track.

Friendship in the Online World: How People Are Growing Their Communities

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Do you remember back when you were a teenager? If your life was anything like mine friendships were restricted to your local community. If you were lucky you might have also befriended the people where you had holidays or a pen-pal. Little more than 10 or 15 years ago your community and your friendships were […]