5 Simple Steps to a Joy-Filled Marriage

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It’s the TV! That’s the easiest way for my husband to send my eyes whirling around like some mad thing out of a B-grade cartoon. The irritation just floods me! Imagine it now. SweetP (my beloved) and your’s truly settling in to our comfy chairs side by side in the Family Room at Casa Pink Apple. Our plan? A spot […]

Let Joy Rest

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About Our Guest Contributor Tanya Levy is a Counsellor in a Community College in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She is known for her optimism, wisdom and sense of humour. She has worked in the social work field for over twenty years. Her hobbies include: writing, Tai Chi, spending time in nature and photography. You can […]

Grief and Joy. Joy and Grief.

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I chose JOY as our theme for August because I needed it. More than anything at the time I was selecting the theme, joy was calling my name. As the month progressed, I saw that this was one of those moments when something I thought was purely for self was in fact guided by a […]

The Spirit of it all…

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When I was a child I was obsessed with the whole idea of Christmas. One of my earliest memories was of Mum taking me to the linen cupboard and pulling out a very special pillowslip, one with Santa on his sleigh printed on the front. The pillowslip was placed ever so carefully on the end […]

What a New Outfit Will Do for a Marriage

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Image by Esther Gibbons It’s timely that the Calm Space is back up and whizzing to the front of everyone’s attention again! I’m looking forward to being seen on the “red carpet” at the relaunch. I can feel the warmth of the paparazzi’s flashbulbs already. (What? You mean there’s only a red carpet in my […]

Spiritual Celebration

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I sit down to write this piece and all I can think of is the Kool and the Gang song Celebrate Good Times! So I googled it and found an oh-too-much-fun chipmunk version – see if you can find it on YouTube :) I realise with a little sadness that I have been missing joy […]

Spiritual Happiness

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I think about happiness a lot so it’s interesting to put down some words this month on the subject. There are degrees of happiness ranging from contentment to happiness to joy to bliss. Usually spiritual happiness is referred to as bliss and it is very difficult to describe. It is rarely a constant state for […]

Happiness, Simple Joys and Pleasures

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We’re thrilled to welcome back Stephanie Crawford as our guest writer this week! More about Stephanie below. Happiness comes from spiritual wealth, not material wealth… Happiness comes from giving, not getting. If we try hard to bring happiness to others, we cannot stop it from coming to us also. To get joy, we must give […]

Purpose? Better Relationships Need Something More Basic …

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If you read self-development literature, you are left with the impression that if your life lacks a purpose then somehow you are failing yourself, your children, and the world. The message seems to be that if we don’t have a purpose we’re just not measuring up. In the world of relationships, there are many expectations. […]

Keeping it simple…

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How hard is it to keep things simple these days? Even here at The Calm Space, where Simplicity is one of our key values, we sometimes find it hard to keep things simple. Karen shares 5 ways to find simplicity and joy, every single day…