Let Your Home Bring Inspiration: Revisited

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Let Your Home Bring Inspiration It’s not often a blog post can get me up and cleaning instantly, but Linda’s articles tend to have that effect on me. And on others, judging by the conversation last April! I’m thinking it must be time to check what’s happened in my Helpful People area since then. Does […]

Two Simple Ways to Change How You Feel

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Sometimes the action we need to take is inaction… and sometimes we just need to get up and do something. The trick is knowing when to do what. Take No Action Life is so busy, isn’t it? Incessant demands on our time have us running all the time, getting things done. Never stopping to notice […]

Drinking in the Wonder of the Universe

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I wasn’t at all sure I’d write for you here this month. But the theme of Wonder has been haunting me… the writers here have been inspiring me (haven’t we had a wonderful line up of inspiration??) … the need to write has been tempting me… so, here I am When I hear the word […]

When Wondering Leads to Great Design

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I think it starts with desire; for something new, for something different, for something that will be a true reflection of you, and that is when the magic begins. You begin to Wonder, ‘What if I took a chance and switched things up around here?” Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took […]

How to Get You On Your Feet and Dancing When You’re Feeling Stuck

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I sometimes forget how inspiring music can be when I’m in a rut and feeling stuck. Fortunately I’m surrounded by incredibly talented people so a boost is never too far away. I’d felt quite unsettled and impatient which I certainly don’t enjoy – I call it cabin fever. The ridiculous thing about it is that […]

The Jug – Loving Ourselves Enough

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The only difference between an extraordinary life and an ordinary one is the extraordinary pleasures you find in ordinary things. ~ Veronique Vienne I stood at the kitchen sink, robotically washing dishes. I paused, my gaze landing on a hand-painted jug on the window ledge, raindrops running down the glass. I clung to the sink […]

Noticing the Gifts of Inspiration that Surround You

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We are excited to welcome Artist Patricia van Essche as our guest this week! More about Patricia below. Inspiration comes to me in so many ways. Taking a walk in nature, looking down and seeing fragments of an egg, and admiring the most glorious color of the shell. I wonder if the little bird made […]

Let Your Home Bring Inspiration

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This week we welcome back guest Author Linda Binns – Feng Shui Success Strategist. More about Linda below. The dictionary definition for the word ‘inspire’ is “to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence; to influence or impel; to guide or control by divine influence.” It is not typically a word that is associated […]

Introducing a month to Inspire you!

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What do you do when you need to make a decision, or you need an idea, and your mind draws a total blank? What do you do when your well is dry? How do you replenish your store of good ideas, your creativity, your inspiration, your decision-making power? We all have those moments where the […]