Celebrating the Senses

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Aphrodite by Isabel Allende Apples. Honey. Pears. Rosemary. Strawberries. Figs. Asparagus. Chocolate. All are foods associated with love and sensuality, with appetites, fulfilment…and with Aphrodite. At times it seems our world has forgotten the delights that food can bring. Instead, we have become obsessed with diets and nutritional information. The power and sensuality of our […]

Baking up a storm

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I love getting lost in a good mystery series. Weirdly, though, I often don’t care that much for the mystery itself. Instead, I’ve usually fallen in love with the characters and the setting. So the twists and turns of the actual whodunnit, for me, becomes an excuse for spending more time in that particular imagined […]

I *heart* books . . .

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I *heart*, you *heart*, we *heart* books. Books were one of my first passions in life. If I could have encoded them in my DNA, I would have. New books, old book, printed books, e-books, audiobooks. I live my life awash with books. There is only thing I love more than reading books, and that […]

Help! My E-Reader is Empty!

February 5, 2013 by  
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I’m totally in love with my e-reader. I no longer have to battle with bulky books escaping my clutches in bed, or packing a book bag that is larger than my suitcase for a short trip away. But when you’ve got a device that can store thousands of titles, it can be challenging to fill […]

Summer Reading – What’s In My Stash?

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My family and I are lucky enough to have a small holiday place in Daylesford. Now that my children are both school-aged, it’s a wonderful place to come and relax, crack open a book (or seventeen) while the boys play with their new Christmas cricket bats and soccer balls. I find that I read more […]

Books! Want to talk about them?

December 14, 2012 by  
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It is my great pleasure to introduce a new writer to our midst – writing about books and reading – two subjects very close to my heart. Please make Carolyn Leslie so welcome! More about Carolyn below. Hello! It’s lovely to be with you here in the Reading Space. My name is Carolyn and I […]

Be It Ever So Humble…must include bookshelves!

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There’s no place like… Books to click your red heels by : ) Pop on over to the Reading Space where Marj shares some enticing books to add to your bookshelf.