How to Read

We assume you’ve popped over here to our ‘How to Read’ page in order to learn a bit more about finding your way around The Calm Space. So let’s see if we can make this simple and easy. We’re big fans of that!

1. The Calm Space is an online magazine based on a monthly theme.

2. We welcome contributions – in fact, we relish them and get so excited to meet and showcase new creatives! We welcome writers, artists, poets, musicians, and other creatives with something delicious to share.

3. When you visit, we don’t expect you to read everything here all at once. After all, that wouldn’t really be calming, would it? What we recommend is you pick out the articles or Spaces that appeal to you on this visit and simply read those, like a deep breath of fresh air.

4. There are three ways you can keep abreast of things here, and receive reminders when we update the content.

  • Register to receive a complimentary subscription to our regular Calm Notes email, and receive A Month of Me Time: Simple Daily Actions to Nourish Your Soul with our blessings. You can do that over there on the right of the screen.
  • Subscribe to our RSS feed and read about us either in your feedreader, or receive our content by email when it’s published.
  • Bookmark and remember to visit to get your regular (even daily!) dose of calm, right in the midst of your busy day.
  • Like us on Facebook, and select ‘Get Notifications’ to ensure you see our posts in your stream.

5. A great place to start each month is with our editors comments – we’ll fill you in on what’s new, any major events or exciting news, and let you know the theme we’re writing on for the month. You can find Káren under The Space or here.

6. We invite you to delve into our archives. There is a wealth of articles, beautiful photography, book recommendations and more to be found in there! Every article ever written on The Calm Space is available to you, at any time. See – there really is no rush to read it all now, and even more reason to subscribe and bookmark us!

We hope that you enjoy your journey in The Calm Space and always encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, comments or feedback.