The Calm Space is an online magazine that is like a virtual day-spa for your senses… decadent, informative, relaxing. A real no-mobile-phones-allowed kind of escape where you can chill for a minute or an hour and emerge refreshed and ready to face anything your day throws at you!

It’s a rare woman who doesn’t succumb to chaos and madness at some stage during her busy week. Whatever your particular life situation, and no matter how your day is going, you will find respite within the spaces here.

But we’re not just about chilling out!

We’re focused on taking action, moving out of stress and

chaos, and moving towards a happier, calmer, more

integrated life – where all the pieces simply work.

The Calm Space is an online magazine with a monthly theme – written by a team of amazing, real-life women who are living their passion with purpose and focus. What you see in this magazine is not ‘reporting’. It is information, hints, tips and inspiration direct from those in-the-know. We write in our own unique voices, and tell it like it is.

We’re not into sensationalism. We’re not into dirt.

We’re positive. We’re real. We’re enticing.

We’re a-political. Carbon friendly. And yes, we may even be a bit controversial.

And we’re definitely into making life lighter, happier and easier for you.

We’re here for You – we value your presence.

We would like to warmly encourage you to browse around and leave a comment at any of our spaces that excite, inspire, amuse, or move you. We really would love to hear from you!

“…And now in the serenity and quiet of this lovely place, touch the depths of truth, feel the hem of heaven. You will go away with old, good friends. And don’t forget when you leave why you came.”

– Adlai E. Stevenson

Keeping this quote in our thoughts – we urge you to breathe in the serenity of this lovely place. Feel the hem of heaven. Come back and visit again, real soon.

Namaste – I bow to the divine in you

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Founder and Editor – Káren Wallace

Karen WallaceKáren Wallace has been hailed as a natural born coach – intuitive, positive, and insightful. She has that rare ability to see beyond your outside shell and is able to discover the best within you, gently showing you the way to uncover the real you, and shining a light on the special gifts you have to offer the world.

Káren intuitively knows exactly what it is her clients need to hear (whether or not they want to:): whether that is a mentor, a guide, someone to listen intently without judgement or advice, or someone to spur them to take decisive action. Her clients learn to feel in control of their lives by taking deliberate action to end the chaos and get back on purpose.

She offers her unique blend of wisdom and experience at KarenWallace.com, where she nudges smart, successful women to lead a more luscious life. She believes successful women today can create a new expectation for the next generation – modelling a life integrated with our work, rather than separate, and somehow, less significant. She believes you can {beautifully} combine lasting relationships, a healthy body, a happy heart, a nourishing living environment, and even motherhood, with your successful career or work in this world.

You can find out more about her here: About Me.

You can contact Káren here or connect with her on twitter @KarenWallace.


Angela Esnouf – Organising Space

Angela EsnoufProfessional Organiser Angela Esnouf’s business, Creating Order from Chaos, emerged in 2004 from a desire to help people reclaim their lives. Drawing on her skills and experience in administration, children’s services, time management and organisation, Angela helps clients reduce stress and get more done in less time by clearing clutter, sorting schedules and setting up systems.

Angela is dedicated to helping people become more organised, find more time and be more productive. “I know what it’s like to juggle several commitments, successfully”, says Angela. “Being a Professional Organiser is the job I was born for. I get to make a real difference in people’s lives.” Values central to the Creating Order from Chaos philosophy are integrity, reliability, service and empathy.

Visit creatingorder.com.au or contact Angela – angela@creatingorder.com.au or 0403 164 468

Anne Maybus – Living Space

Anne MaybusWith a background covering the arts, online business, training and development, image consulting and writing you could say Anne likes diversity.

The main theme common to all parts of her working life is the intention to help others develop themselves, their businesses or their opportunities. Anne spent 15 years working in Human Resources and as a trainer she specialised in Managing Change and Trainer Training. She uses her image consultant training in a totally unorthodox way and freely admits that she does not pay attention to fashion. Instead, she prefers to focus on individuality. At CleverStreak.com she specialises in blogging and writing for small businesses, helping them to build rapport with current and potential clients.

Anne is a creative person by nature and it expresses itself in her writing. She writes as Ms Feet Up for CherryMag.com.au and has sprinkled much of the internet with her writing. She loves reading, art, music and daydreaming. She chose the ‘Living Space’ as her space here because she loves the freedom it allows her to roam across life.

Anne can be contacted at info@cleverstreak.com You can follow her on twitter @AnneMaybus

Chris Owen – Relationship Space

Chris OwenA past career nursing new families, and assisting infertile couples through the rigours of IVF, nurtured Chris Owen’s dream to become a Relationships Advisor. Those years dealing with couples under stress, her studies in Education, Counselling and Coaching, voluntary work in marriage enrichment, PLUS her own successful 35-year marriage, has given Chris the wisdom she brings to Pink Apple.

At PinkApple.com.au Chris is Sharing the Secrets of Successful Relationships. Her articles on Starting Out Together and Staying Together appear on her blog Take A Bite and in her newsletter, More Than A Bite.  There you’ll find more of the outrageous extrovert, musing about matters – personal, business and everything in between. But always you’ll find here the passionate, curious and complex woman that is Chris Owen.

A regular speaker and writer on relationships, as well as running groups, and working with couples and individuals, Chris can be contacted at chris@pinkapple.com.au

Paula Antonini – Health Space

  • If you want a slimmer, more radiant you
  • If you want to stop running out of energy before you run out of day
  • If you are drowning in conflicting info about healthy eating and want to make better choices
  • If you are ready to do what is within your power that will result in a healthy, strong, well-functioning body

Then get to know Paula Antonini! Here’s why Paula is the right person to help you meet your health and weight-loss goals:

As a 40-year veteran in sales and sales management, Paula Antonini knows well how much energy it takes to be successful in today’s world. After losing her mother to a stroke at the age of 55, Antonini returned to school in her quest to discover how to stay healthy throughout the aging process. The more she learned, the more determined she became to share that knowledge with other women entrepreneurs and business professionals, to help them get their lives back by rediscovering the high energy they once had through a whole foods, holistic approach to health and lifestyle.

Those who know Paula are very familiar with her passion and style. Her experiences in both business and health and nutrition coaching make her the perfect health counselor for those of you who want to weigh less and achieve the high energy you need for both your professional and your personal lives — and have fun along the way!

Paula is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has participated in Dr. Andrew Weil’s Nutrition Conference and the Seasonal Therapeutics Seminar with Dr. Taorina Lowdog. You can connect with Paula, and find out more about her programmes at Simply Nutrition.

Carolyn Leslie – Reading Space

Carolyn Leslie Feb 13Carolyn Leslie, AE is an IPEd-accredited editor, a writer, an award-winning book reviewer and a business chick, as well as Mama to two little boys. She runs her own editorial and publishing consultancy, and has worked with such publishers as HarperCollins, Penguin, Melbourne University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Cambridge University Press and World Vision.

Carolyn has also taught in the editing, publishing and writing programs at RMIT, Victoria University and Deakin University.

Carolyn loves books, blogs, op shops, gardening, mucking around in the kitchen and dancing crazily with her kids (and sometimes even with her husband). She dreams of someday having a quiet and (totally) uninterrupted read…

If you would like to contact Carolyn, you can reach out to her at carolyn@carolynleslie.com.au. You can also connect with her on twitter @carolynleslie.

Past Contributors

Annie Hutton – Spiritual Space

Ann HuttonAnnie has spent her working life in a business or health environment – public and private. Her other life is spent in the pursuit of self development through spiritual connection, reading, speaking with like minds, meditation, courses, etc. learning as much as possible from traditional and modern wisdom – the Enneagram, chakra energies, Frederick Bailes, Lao Tzu and many more.

She is also a graduate of Coach University and a training facilitator. Annie has enormous respect for the wonderful potential of every person who, given the information and space, can find their own way by exercising their mind, heart and soul. Annie shares ways to find your bliss in the every day.

Dee Le Blang – Sound Space

DeeMusic has been madly coursing through Dee’s veins for all her life despite taking many detours in fashion, IT, the Arts and corporate life. It was by chance she realised she could make a successful and happy life through her passion – music.

Her business Primal Entertainment was born near ten years ago through the development of a music festival created with friends. The intention was to raise funds for one of Teen Challenge’s outreach centres in her hometown. It was through this festival she realised her burning desire to make a difference in other’s lives, using music as the vehicle.

Her agency works with many original (and cover) artists and venues from around Australia and on occasion has the opportunity to work with international artists; finding performance opportunities for them, or acting as a sounding board for ideas, or a point of contact for advice.

A staunch supporter of musician’s rights, Dee has earned awards for business excellence and enjoys the constant change the industry provides.

The mum of two gorgeous Rottweiler cross Boxer dogs (affectionately known as the Pupstars), Dee feels most balanced when time is shared between dancing around her home whilst renovating and pottering in the garden. Spending time with loved ones is the one constant that keeps her balanced.

A keen interest in holistic therapies and most things alternative, she’s enjoying her journey and all that she learns along the way.

Bo Mackison – Memoir Space

Bo MackisonBo Mackison is a freelance writer and photographer, and owner of Seeded Earth Studio LLC. She lives in the Midwest, but loves traveling throughout the United States while capturing her adventures in words and photography.

Bo has been in love with the written word for most of her life. She has written hundreds of blog posts and travel articles, and keeps several journals.

Photography is her second love. Since receiving her first digital camera in 2007, she hasn’t stopped taking photographs. She says, “the world shifted as I began to see endless opportunities to photograph my surroundings. This continues to be a thrilling challenge.”

Though Bo most loves to photograph the natural world, she will photograph nearly any subject. “I’ll shoot anything, just for the challenge of making the most unlikely of subjects come to life in a new way.”

Recently Bo embarked on a memoir project to de-mystify the genre, and she is creating an on-going, multi-media memoir project that makes memoir writing accessible to everyone.

Bo posts almost-daily musings and photographs on her blog seededearth.com. She is also expanding her website store in 2010 to offer photography prints, photo-art cards and journals. She would love to hear from you, either by email at bomackison@gmail.com or by tweet at @bo_mackison.

Amy Palko – Nature Space

amy“Amy Palko is an enthusiastic photographer of the natural world as it is found every wehere, but especially in her home country, Scotland. Her photographs express a real love for her homeland with its rugged mountain ranges, abundant lochs, rolling green meadows and all the flora and fauna it supports. She loves exploring tiny islands, roaming through mountain glens, and wandering through woodlands, and, of course, she brings her camera with her to capture some of the glorious sights she sees.

However, Amy is not only keen on taking her own photographs, but she’s also passionate about nurturing other’s photographic talents, which she does through her Flickr group Photography Less Ordinary. She believes that the act of photography encourages us to stop and pay attention to the world around us, and that this conscious connection can help us to appreciate not only the special-ness of our everyday environment, but also the special-ness inherent in each and every one of us.

Apart from her active interest in photography, Amy also writes at her blog, home educates her 3 children and pursues her doctorate in English Literature at the University of Stirling.

Joanne Costello – Spa Space

Wellbeing crusader Jo Costello, who owned of Queensland’s first and online organic skincare supermarket – e-bar – says most people will readily undergo a dietary detox and are willing to purchase organic food, but when it comes to their skin, they are unaware of the hidden toxins in the skincare products they use every day.

“For example in a typical day a woman will brush her teeth, gargle with mouthwash, shower and shampoo with shampoo and soap, style her hair with product, use a cleanser, toner and moisturiser as part of her beauty routine. This could also be followed by foundation, make up, antiperspirant and perfume… and all could be applied without knowing what is in the product.

“We know the skin absorbs and releases nutrients as well as toxins; however over time the accumulation of toxins, from using inferior shampoos, soaps and toothpastes and other skin care products, can place the body under stress.”

Marc Lehmann – Sustainability Space

I am the founder of Saasu.com the web finance engine and previously Director of Principal Finance Trading at Deutsche Bank. I’m committed to building web applications that save people time and increase the sustainability of businesses.

I’m a naturalist and a minimalist at heart believing the human race should be spending more time exploring and discovering and less time dealing with the paperwork of life.

My blog marclehmann.net is about time, business, technology, sustainability and nature. Find out more about Marc and his business at saasu.com

Marjorie Lim – Reading Space

Marjorie Lim
Self-help (who doesn’t have at least one title on their shelf?) to cooking, crime to management, chick-lit to autobiographies – we all love a book that inspires, informs, educates or just plain entertains and relaxes.

Unfortunately, it costs too much to keep buying these treasures and not every one do we want to own. Commencing at an early age, this passion for books and all they offer coupled with a desire to satisfy that passion – for myself and others – propelled me to commence a service that would enable us readers to take a glance, a peruse, an examination or an outright love for a book – including ones we might not otherwise have if we did not have the opportunity. Slim Ink Book Rental was born to instigate, perpetuate and enhance the love of reading. After all, whose ‘space’ is complete without at least one worthy book?

Leah Maclean – Digital Space

Leah MacleanFor the past 20+ years Leah has played a role, in one shape or another, as the interface between business reality and technical possibility. She has helped large corporations, medium size not-for-profit agencies, commercial business, and small business owners to find the best operational fit between their business and the technology available.

These days she is committed to helping small business women demystify online business and technology. This type of role was always destined to be where Leah would spend her professional time. Her personal characteristics are ideal for this type of role – dynamic, easily bored, challenging, driven, problem-solver and lover of language and design all seem to fit the role of business-technology integrator & designer to a “T”.

Grant Wallace – Money Space

Grant heads a firm of chartered accountants and business advisors in Brisbane, Australia and is renowned for his ability to educate and work with his chosen clients to achieve financial success. Grant has been working with family businesses and professionals for almost 25 years, partnering with them to grow their businesses and secure their future.

Grant is dedicated to helping people achieve security and peace of mind in their financial affairs – planning and working together towards a bright future.

Find out more about Grant at wallacegroup.com.au

Joanna Paterson (previously Joanna Young) – Writing Space

Joanna YoungJoanna Paterson is a writing coach who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. After nearly 20 years working as a public sector manager in the UK she retrained as a life coach and NLP practitioner, started blogging with a fury then realised the possibilities of combining her coaching approach, business writing skills, and belief in the transformative power of the written word. And so “Confident Writing” was born.

Her aim is to create the conditions for others to write with confidence, to realise the power of their own words. In practical terms this means providing a mix of skills, advice, encouragement, shared and private space, coaching, challenge, feedback, support and inspiration. She works with anyone who wants to realise the power of their own words, including those who declare they’re not writers, or ‘only’ write as part of their job. A lot of her work is done on-line and she coaches clients around the world as well as in the UK.

You can read more of her work – and pick up some writing suggestions – at her Confident Writing blog

Linda Binns – Energy Space

Linda BinnsLinda Binns “The Feng Shui Success Strategist” is a professional Feng Shui coach and consultant, specializing in long-distance Feng Shui consulting. She helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals maximize success in their business and life. She has over twelve years experience of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation and has been features in numerous publications, interviewed on television and radio all over the world.

Linda is a certified master practitioner and her clients include business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate companies, and homeowners. Linda’s unique approach means that she specialises in and focuses on Feng Shui strategies that enable her clients to reach their goals leading to greater levels of success in business and life.

Linda is the author of Feng Shui for Your Relationships: Changing Your Environment to Create Better Relationships and The Energetic Edge: How Changing Your Surroundings = BIG Success TheEnergeticEdge.com

Most recently Linda became the co-founder, co-owner and Publisher of the Idaho Women’s Journal. She has a passion for helping women discover and develop their extraordinary gifts and talents, and while she lived in St. Louis, Missouri she co-founded the professional women’s networking group ESPW (Encouraging, Supporting, Promoting Women). She also helps entrepreneurs and business owners create and effectively use information products for their business.

Linda grew up in England, but now lives in Boise, Idaho. She is an avid tennis fan (both watching and playing) and loves knitting, cooking, and anything to do with personal growth and self improvement.