The Value of Friendship

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Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.

-Mark Twain

My life is immeasurably sweeter because of friends.

I’ve old friends, ones I went to school with, who I catch up with infrequently – and yet it seems like no time at all has passed when we do.

I’ve new friends, those I’m just learning about, and who are just learning about me.

I’ve virtual friends, some I’ve met in person, and some I haven’t.

I’ve got the family-friends, those family members whose friendship (as well as kin) ties us closely.

And I’ve got the ‘free for a coffee?’ friends for whom I’d walk over hot coals.

My life is richer, happier, more content because of my friends.

As I was thinking about the theme for The Calm Space for October, it came to me that we’ve never spoken about friendship. We’ve never gathered tales of our connections to other women. We’ve never spoken about ties that bind our friends often as close as lovers. We’ve never spoken about the joy of shared experiences, the knowledge that comes from gathering with kindred women and knowing – blissfully knowing – that we aren’t alone in this fight!

It feels so right to open October with an invitation to you – whether we’re yet friends or not – to tell your stories, to share your connections, to display your art or photography or poetry, about friendship. I’m inviting you to open your heart to us, and let us become kindred spirits.

Will you join me?

Your invitation, should you chose to accept it. Share, contribute, let’s gather together to celebrate the joy that is our friends.

Full details on how to contribute are here: Contribute.


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  1. A special thank you to you Karen for creating this wonderful space for us. You have been nominated for a One Lovely Blog Award here

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