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Today is Monday 1st September. The first day of spring here in the southern hemisphere.

And just like that it feels like mother nature has flicked a switch! I am sitting on my back verandah in the patch of sun in the north facing corner, relishing the warmth on my back.  And I have on short sleeves! The birds are in fine form (including the swallows who just this weekend decided to once more try to nest in our garage), the grass has greened after recent rains and there are buds and fresh new growth on everything.

And in my soul, too, I feel the spring. This weekend, the air changed, and in that change I felt the motivation to clear the decks and get creating.

All winter long I’ve knitted. Baby clothes and blankets and beanies and jumpers. But this new urge to create?

It’s the urge to throw open the windows and fill my house with the scents of spring and the beauty of fresh flowers.

It’s the urge to air and pack away the winter woollies to make way for colour and light and freshness. It’s the urge to rummage around the bottom of the ironing pile for my beautiful linen and sumptuous cotton clothes.

It’s the urge to change the nightly menu to something lighter and cooler. We tossed our first salad and barbecued our first steaks of the season last night.

It’s the urge to purge and clean up my office, filing and shredding and reorganising (with a big dose of prettiness and colour).

It’s the urge to take long walks in the sunshine (before the heat arrives) and take photos as spring unveils herself.

It’s the urge to get lost in Pinterest boards and the creators on Etsy, marvelling at the incredible array of beauty on display.

It’s the urge to go in search of the perfect summer sandals, and get my first pedicure of the season.

It’s the urge to plant and mulch and fertilise and watch things grow.

It’s the urge to (finally) pull out those watercolours and start dabbling.

It’s the urge to once again write, and write, and write.

It’s time to give myself permission to go with the urge to create.

And so… I introduce our theme for September.



All through the month, I’m inviting women from around the world to share their creative spirit. To share the process, the inspiration, the finished product and everything in between. To share when the muse arrives, and when she refuses to show up. To share the bounty of the dog days of summer, or the delicate arrival of spring. To share your creative spirit, however you’re most inspired to do so.

Most of all, I’m longing to read how you succumb or resist the urge to create, and how you overcome the hurdles that others (and you) place in your path. And I’m longing to revel in the gloriousness that is a woman’s creative journey. Will you share?

I am now accepting submissions on the theme of Create! for September, and I’d love to hear from you!

All details including the link to our submission manager are here.



2 Responses to “Give Yourself Permission to…”
  1. Tammie says:

    I am an artist so creating is something that comes easy to me. Looking forward to this theme. We are in the season of well, almost fall, a couple of weeks. Looking forward to sharing with others the cycles of creativity.

    • Tammie, thank you so much for dropping by! It’s wonderful to hear from you. I love how our seasons are opposite, it makes for interesting contrasts and a reminder that the seasons turn.

      Would you like to share your artistic journey or your art with us? Please drop me a line! xx

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