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Today we welcome back Clara Ray Rusinek Klein with her second moving microfiction piece – with deep resonant joy. More about Clara below.




Your head’s crown emerges
as she white-knuckles my hand,
sweat beading.

I grasp your tether,

Your cries loft upward,
tiny stream staining my shirt.

Behind the surgical mask,
I smile.

My boy.

Image credit: Catalyn Bogdan

About our Guest Contributor

Clara Ray Rusinek Klein was reading by the age of four and wrote her first story at the age of seven. She has been writing ever since. Ms. Klein is bilingual in Spanish and English. She holds a BA magna cum laude in Political Science with a minor in Religious Studies. Ms. Klein is a creative writer and author whose work has appeared or will be featured on RiverLit (USA), The Calm Space (Australia), loveontheroad2013 (Ireland), and other sites.

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