Let me tell you about joy.

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I am thrilled to welcome back Emmy Yager today, with a beautiful piece about a very personal joy. More about Emmy below.


Let me tell you about Joy.

Joy is filling my heart each and every day. She surprises me with her ferocity. She takes my breath away. She reminds me about life.

Many sad disappointing times lead me to her. That dark past gives me perspective. It says embrace this joy, live for every moment and revel in the journey.

My own journey is a journey that some will know nothing of or perhaps just heard of and perhaps a few may have lived. It my a journey through infertility. But this is not about that story. It is about the lessons that story gave me.

I taught me many things. It taught me about myself as a woman. Persistence, tenacity, patience, endurance, determination and fortitude were my companions. Sometimes when you undertake big dream “big journeys in life” you discover yourself. You discover who you are. I discovered I am not a quitter. I discovered that with enough love, hope, belief and faith dreams can come true.

When hard fought for dreams seem to fall at every hurdle you start to forget about Joy. You start to think perhaps Joy is for ‘other people’. Yet, even in the midst of the dark fog of striving for my dreams I kept positive, I kept seeking her. Trusting she was there. When finally my dream came true and at long last I was pregnant all the pain, the heartache, the exhaustion magically vanished and in she walked brimming with radiance: Joy.

Taking a chance, embracing your heartfelt truth, living your dream and striving towards that dream brings joy into your life. Realising a long held dream brings pure joy. Had I not been brave, had I not taken action on my desires for my best life then that joy would be silent, that dream would remain empty.

So this is about unwrapping your dream and living your dream- whatever it may be. Through living your dream you invite Joy into your life. Joy makes your heart sing, Joy makes life worthwhile and Joy makes you smile a smile that perhaps you forgot you even had. Mostly, you feel Joy because you are being true to yourself.


About Our Guest Contributor

Emmy Yager 14My name is Emmy Yager and I live in the National Capital of Australia, Canberra. Surrounded by the Brindabella Mountains I am always at peace when I get to venture out on a bushwalking track or attend one of the many festivals. As an Early Childhood educator I teach at a local preschool supporting our next generation to grow and reach their own best potential.  My next pathway is post graduate study to find new ways to support families and children. While I wait to commence study I am kept busy with my favourite pursuit – my family! I am married with two university aged children, a college aged daughter and new miracle daughter due at the end of September 2014. I believe life is too short to wait for your dreams, you should create your own dream life a day at a time.

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