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I first met Julia online, when she applied for one of my Calm & Clear Sessions and was so taken with her approach, her spirit, and her incredible talent. We’ve shared her art at The Calm Space.

Recently Julia did a Muse Mantra for me. That’s it above (in case you didn’t recognise me without crows feet and laugh lines;) but when she first sent it to me, there were no words. She asked what I’d like it to say… I needed to mull it over. Life got busy, and it got put in the one-day pile.

And then Julia pre-produced a deck of Muse Mantra cards, based upon a selection of the Muses she’s drawn for people (delicious!). In the deck, she included me. Honoured! And  – did you see what she wrote?

Find the joy around you.

I could not have chosen better words for my Muse Mantra. It resonates so deeply. (And Julia includes healing Reiki symbols in each one, so they are incredibly powerful).

Truly, joy surrounds you in every moment. No matter how hard life gets. No matter how filled with grief or angst or overwhelm. There’s joy there, waiting for you to notice. There’s joy there, waiting for you to take a big deep breath and just stop for one moment. There’s joy there, waiting for you to look – as if through the lens of a camera, focusing deeply on just one thing.

A blade of grass, the flight of a swallow, the shape of the clouds, the rainbow lost in the drop of rain.

A touch. A sigh. A hug. A smile.

Allow the joy in.

You deserve this.


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kw 250I am Káren Wallace – empath, see-er of your depths, coach to women who long to light up the world and have clean knickers for tomorrow.

Like Michelangelo I see the statue in the stone. My gift is to help you see the single tree within the forest. With the perspective of that incredible treasure that’s already within you, I guide you to become what you know you could be. With huge doses of pragmatism and love.


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  1. Love the picture, Karen – and what a perfect caption!

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