Sometimes there are no words…

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My words have been stuck lately, somewhere between my head and my heart. There’s change in the air. A deepening of focus, which feels both sweet and somehow simpler – all while leaving me quaking in my boots (that’s how I know it’s time). But it’s not. quite. ready to see the light of day, just yet. So, no words. Because once we’ve seen the new way, it’s so very hard to stay in the old, isn’t it?

Instead of words, a story in pictures. My life lately.


the glory of winter sunsets. remembering to notice much earlier in the day.


a pelican glides by (the view from Dad’s balcony)


broken legs aren’t fun, especially when you’re not allowed to run around outside! (this was pre-casting, while we were waiting for the biopsy results, which were thankfully, all clear)


knitting, slippers, hot soup on the stove… anyone would think it was winter! There comes a time in the late afternoon when calming, soothing, meditativeness is called for, especially on busy client days when I’ve been wrangling a restless dog at the same time. {This pic caused quite a stir when I shared it on Facebook earlier in the week – the yarn is a mohair-silk mix, and some started itching just thinking about it. I love it, although I bought it for the colour more than the yarn, and am so very thankful it doesn’t itch me!}


catching up with dear, dear friends we haven’t seen in years. kids almost grown, everything else quite the same. love it when it feels like there has been no distance betweeen you. and… the most sublime longlasting bunch of tulips!


yesterday in the rain, he thought he should be able to get out, I thought I should be able to get in (without him getting out). Stand off at the OK Corral ;)

So, what’s up in your world gorgeous girl? Do you have a suite of pictures or a story or two to share with us all? Whilst I rejig everything around here, I’m inviting you to come share with us all. All the details are here.

About Káren

kw 250I am Káren Wallace – empath, see-er of your depths, coach to women who long to light up the world and have clean knickers for tomorrow.

Like Michelangelo I see the statue in the stone. My gift is to help you see the single tree within the forest. With the perspective of that incredible treasure that’s already within you, I guide you to know – your identity, your worthiness, your gifts, your light. With huge doses of pragmatism and love.


2 Responses to “Sometimes there are no words…”
  1. janice says:

    So many things I want to blurt! First of all, the beauty of blogging? Being able to share pictorial snapshots of our lives as well as words! We want your youness and we get oodles of it in your photos. All good writers are good editors, and that same process imbues every photographic decision, every angle, every deleted photo, every crop, every arrangement,every post-photo special effect…

    Your photos made me smile. My table has tulips on it in a plain white jug right next to me as I type,(but that won’t surprise you!)One of my kitchen walls is painted in that exact mauve-kissed blue and I leave my happy crochet creative mess all over the house because although my crocheting’s pretty rubbish, I love the colours of the wool!

    Hope the Spaces are still open; I’m enjoying being back online again, reading blogs like yours and commenting when the mood takes me.It’s been freeing. My words have been flowing back in, and I would love to do a Kitchen Table Space piece soon if you’d like one.

    • Janice! So wonderful to see you here again, sharing your wisdom in every word, and lifting me a little higher with every paragraph. Thank you.

      The spaces are still open, and I would adore a piece in Kitchen Table Space – that would truly be delicious – so a huge Yes Please!

      I am not surprised at the coincidences here with colour… not at all. But to have a wall painted that blue in your kitchen? Oh that must be so dreamy. I have to admit a lot of my wool purchases are not so much because I have a project in mind, but because I love the colour and the feel. I have a cupboard brimming with so much colour, it makes me smile just opening it.

      Cannot wait to share your words and imagery again, my friend. xx

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