When the tide goes out

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I sit in the dappled rays of early morning sunlight, the fog that rolled in earlier burning off quickly today. The tide is out, way out, and I can smell the mudflats on the rivers edge this morning. Earthy. Damp. Fertile.

My mug of tea, clasped between my hands, is warming – inside and out. I’m wrapped in my dressing gown, yet my feet are still bare upon the mat. In that’s in between season, when it feels like everything is waiting for the winter. Not yet a chill in the air, it feels like a blessed relief just to not be hot. I know in the coming weeks that will change.

The tide is out.

In me, as well as the river.

I’ve been ill. With barely the energy to get out of bed each morning. Anything creative is beyond me, apart from my knitting. And some days, even that has felt like too much effort. The tide is out.

I think – is it my body, letting me down? Or is it me – letting my body down? I know the answer. I’ve been wrapped up in my head, in my creations, and in giving everything I have. To my husband, my children, my business, my clients. And somewhere in there I took my body for granted.

I don’t get sick.

It is true, until… it isn’t.

As the tide continues to go out, I realise I must stop the drain. I must stem the tide.

I make another cup, steam rising, hands warm, gentle sips. Feeling the heat travel down and infuse me with warmth.

Sitting here on the veranda in the silence of early morning, the house empty but for me and my dog, I sense the change before I see it.

The tide has turned.

And so have I. I will get better now. I will allow the nourishment of my body. I will receive, with gratitude, the attention and love my body needs.

My body has my attention. No more dramatics or illness required.

What about you? Have you been giving your body the attention she deserves, as recompense for all you ask of her?

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k3 28.2.14I’m Káren, founder and editor of The Calm Space, and mentor to women who want to light up the world. I adore witnessing the miracle of a woman discovering the difference she makes in this world, and recrafting her days to fit her great work, and her luscious life, into one delicious package that works.

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4 Responses to “When the tide goes out”
  1. Catherine says:

    Karen I really connect with this post. Recently I had to take a step back and give my body and spirit what it had been yearning for; some love and some peace. I’m now in a much better place to give to the world, having been able to give to myself.


    • Thank you Catherine, I’m glad that you connected with this post. So often we forget that we need fuel too, don’t we? It’s a lesson I learn, over and over again. Nice to hear that you’re in a much better place now! xx

  2. Susan Carroll says:

    I feel tears welling up reading this, I am so tired and I regularly need to take time out, nobody else seems to understand this and just think I am being lazy.

    • Susan, oh hon, thank you for being here.

      I want you to know – you are not lazy. I know this, with every fibre of my being. Life is like the tide, sometimes we’re in full flood, energetic, doing, achieving. And other times, we’re low. In those times we need rest, quiet, solitude and a mug of hot tea. In those times, we remember our humanity and the need to put our own oxygen mask on first.

      Doing that, when others don’t understand, can be very very hard. Please let me know if I can support you in any way. xx

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