To spend this time with you.

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waterflowsI want to sit with you on our verandah, a scalding cup of tea in hand, one foot tucked up under me, both of us comfy and relaxed.

We’ll talk. There’s no agenda. No list of things to talk about or get off our chest, just an expectation. That to and fro, here and there, you and me of delicious conversation.

There will be silences too. Where we both sit and sip and watch the breeze make patterns in the river as it wends its way towards the sea. There’ll be no awkwardness to the silence. Just the strong beating of hearts at peace.

I’ll tell you of my recent illness. How it’s left me bereft of energy, and the story of how I’ve moved past frustration and impatience to a place of acceptance. And how I’m not yet in that place of eagerness to be well but that I can feel it on the horizon. Knowing somehow that once I dive back into my life I’ll look back on these days of peace and rest with tenderness. And maybe, with longing.

We’ll talk too, of dreams and future happenings and ideas and what you really want most. We’ll uncover what lights you up and turns you on. I’ll shine the torch beam on those dark places and show you how not scary they actually are.

And I’ll see the truth in your eyes when you talk of your loves, your passions, your longings. I’ll listen, then, with an open heart. This time of in-between-ness has given me more patience. More reflection. And I’ve seen how this has enhanced my ability to listen. Closely. Silently. Intently.

You’ll see the truth in my eyes as I reflect back how full of beauty you are. You’ll feel the warmth of complete acceptance, and be reminded of what it feels like to be calm and safe and truly whole in this moment.

There’ll be wisdom flowing back and forth between us. Profound, deep, and sometimes… silly. We will laugh until our sides ache and we need to pee. We’ll shed tears over hurts and lost dreams and memories of grief.

And as the day ends, and night leaches the light from the sky, we’ll know peace and kinship. The sparks of connection we’ve kindled will fuel us on our way back to laundry and dishes and making our way in the world. We’d feel lighter, somehow, with the knowledge that our hearts have connected. That we saw in each other the glory of woman in all her humanity. We’ll know that no matter what tomorrow brings we are somehow stronger for having this time together.

I see you off with a wish and a prayer.

A wish that you always see the light within you, and keep it fuelled and burning brightly.

And a prayer that you will know how amazing, how beautiful, and above all – how worthy – you are.

To spend this time with you is one of my favourite things.

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k3 28.2.14I am Káren Wallace – empath, see-er of your depths, coach to women who long to light up the world and have clean knickers for tomorrow.

Like Michelangelo I see the statue in the stone. My gift is to help you see the single tree within the forest. With the perspective of that incredible treasure that’s already within you, I guide you to know – your identity, your worthiness, your light. With huge doses of pragmatism and love.

Now fully in recovery mode after a recent illness, I’m preparing to welcome new women into Calm Space Salon in the next couple of weeks. If you’re curious about what working with me may feel like, apply now for a complimentary Calm+Clear Session, full of insight, compassion and light.


9 Responses to “To spend this time with you.”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    Mmmmm. Thank you. This is such a beautiful depiction of a type of connection that nourishes me. I feel the reminder sinking into my bones.

    I am wishing you whatever you need most as you move toward wellness.

    • Elizabeth, thank you so much! Deep heart to heart-ness is true soul nourishment, isn’t it? I appreciate you taking the time to let me know, and thank you for your wishes. Xxx

  2. janice says:

    Glad to see you’re feeling better. Don’t overdo it, though, now that you are!

    That love you speak of? The cherishing? You’ve been such a kind and loyal friend that I feel it even though we’re continents apart. When souls connect and cherish each other, lift each other up towards the warmth of the sun, they connect for ever, even in the silent times. Sometimes, when we’re ill and bereft of energy, the only gift it brings is the demand that we be still, nurture ourselves and reconnect with our souls while our bodies heal. Your writing is growing even more beautiful and full of grace as the years roll by, but the thing I noticed most, after my time offline, is how your site is positively glowing with focus. The women you coach are lucky to have you.

    • Thanks for the tip, my friend. I am taking it slow and easy… ;)

      And oh my goodness sweet Janice! Thank you for these beautiful, glowing thoughts. I feel basked in love and light from across the seas. I consider myself so fortunate to know you and to call you friend although we’ve never met. With huge appreciation and love. xxx

  3. This is simply beautiful, Karen. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell – and I admire how you’ve managed to find serenity. I, on the other hand, have been watching lots of TV to drown out thoughts and emotions. I prefer your way. xx

    • Thank you Julia, from the bottom of my heart.

      I know what it is like to seek to distract the mind so we don’t have to feel all those feelings and think all those thoughts. It’s not a bad thing, hon. It’s sometimes the way through… As always, sending love and healing thoughts. xxx

  4. Tanya says:

    Thank you for this lovely warm post that helps me reconnect with my deep heart longings.

    I am glad you are feeling better. xo

  5. Maree Crosbie says:

    Ooooh Karen, I could see the steam rising from my cup of tea and the view from your verahdah as I read your words.

    I feel how genuine and loving you are, but of course I already knew that.

    I am glad you are on the mend, take care.

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