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Home Sweet Home Feb 14


It’s more than a roof over our heads.

It’s more than a place we eat, wash, and sleep.

It’s even more than the place we love our beloved, or raise our family.



It’s sanctuary from the world, for when we need to retreat, restore, refuel.

It’s our haven, to nourish our bodies, our minds, our hearts.

It’s our fortress, for when the wild winds become too much. When we are beset by the world, we can pull up the drawbridge and be safe here.

It’s our restoration. Our home fills our souls with beauty, our bodies with energy, our hearts with love.

It’s our joy and our happiness – for where else can we be truly, utterly ourselves if not here, at home?


Where we live is truly our home if we feel stronger, braver, wiser, happier, and more alive for living there. Do you?


After I drafted this post, I took a walk around my home. I wandered the rooms. Noticed cobwebs that glinted in the sun. Took in, with a shudder, the clean washing piled high on the laundry bench waiting to be dealt with. I spied breakfast dishes in the sink, beds unmade, and dust. I spied the parts of my wardrobe I didn’t get to in my recent clear-out.

And I asked myself, what am I talking about? How could this mess possibly make me feel stronger, braver, wiser, happier and more alive? Huh. Really?

How can I write about a home that nourishes my soul, when mine is in such a state.

Then my daughter walked into the kitchen. Offered me a cuppa. We sat at the kitchen bench (which was miraculously clear of all but a few crumbs:) and nattered.

This mess? It doesn’t matter. It’s easily cleaned, cleared and sorted. And it’s never done.

But the people I adore above all else live in this house. Filling it with love.

The quilts my mother made and the artwork my husband and I have collected over the years adorn our walls. Filling it with beauty and colour.

The couch and the dining table are used regularly, and have seen so much love and laughter. They are the conduits for our togetherness.

The fridge that stores the food, the oven that bakes up a storm, the beds that support and hold us, the washing machine that works so very hard to keep up with the laundry, all support our lives and make it that much richer.

The animals that live here with us, our dog and our horse, bringing companionship, loyalty and unquestioning devotion.

The rose garden my husband planted for me, filling my heart with the reminder of his love every time I walk past.

This, then, is the home that nurtures me. That brings me back to myself when I feel lost and alone. That allows me to be me, and go out into the world strong, loved and loving in return.

This, is home – mess and all.


Join us as we talk about home sweet home throughout February here at The Calm Space.

Tell me – How does your home make you feel?

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kw Jan 30 2013 I am Káren Wallace, Editor and Founder of The Calm Space, and Deliberate Luscious Life Coach to women who long to live a gorgeous life – with ease. I am relishing the energy and love that surrounds me as I work my way into the new year.

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6 Responses to “Home Sweet Home”
  1. Marina says:

    Home – ours rarely reaches Home Beautiful status, but it’s a place where everyone is welcome and most people seem to feel comfortable here. As I look around we are in a state of change – again – start of the school year, rooms being rearranged at my daughter’s whim and a major declutter happening that seems to have created more mess than it cleaned up ;) But hey Karen – your washing was clean, I’m yet to find my laundry floor with all this rain.

  2. I love that you love your home despite the mess, Karen! I agree – the mess doesn’t really matter, although we think it does and perhaps, for that reason, don’t invite visitors into our home… But, as you say, home (wherever it may be) is where the people we adore above all else live – and that’s all that matters.

  3. Catherine says:

    Beautiful post Karen. I particularly resonated with, “brings me back to myself when I feel lost and alone”.

    For me, my home is open and accepting and an adaptable companion that always fits perfectly with which ever side of me happens to walk through the door.

    • Catherine, huge apologies that I didn’t respond before now. I’ve just found your sweet comment. Thank you.

      What a beautiful thing – to have a home that fits perfectly with every side of you, I adore that! Do you do anything special to have it that way? xx

  4. Janice says:

    Your blog always feels like a home-sweet-homecoming! Sorry I’ve been away so long, but oh how relieved and glad I was to find your online home and its friendly spaces still here and as welcoming as a hug!

    I’m spring cleaning my blog at the moment and enjoying revisiting the best bits. Not sure what I’ll be doing with it, but I just wanted to pop over and see how you are and to thank you for the pleasure your blog has always given me. Hope to stay online long enough this time for a catch up!

    • Oh Janice my friend! I cannot put into words how relieved I am to hear from you after all this time. I’ve often thought of you over the years, and wondered how you were and what was happening in your life. Yes, I’m still here, as ever ;)

      Would love to catch up with you hon! Do send me an email sometime! xx