A Warm Hug from Your Home

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There’s nothing sweeter than a warm welcome home. That feeling of peace, belonging and safety you get from arriving home and knowing this is the place for you. Home.

Does your home wrap loving arms around you and welcome you in? Does each room greet you with a comfortable ease? Does your space reflect the person you are, and want to be?

You’ll know the feeling of a warm hug from your home when you are glad to be there, happy to spend time just being. But if, on the other hand, your immediate urge is to flee, get in and out as quickly as possible, or you get a tight clench in the pit of your stomach, that’s a sign you are not getting the welcome you deserve.

How can we turn that around?

Of course, there are many reasons you may be unhappy with your home. Perhaps the light is poor, or noise seeps in from outside disturbing your quiet. Even in the most unattractive space, we can do something to make our homecoming more pleasant. Let me share a few simple ways to create that warm welcome.

Move in. Have you unpacked all the boxes, all the shopping bags? So often I see homes in limbo, waiting for things to be settled. Create a place for everything and work to putting everything in its place.

Refresh your eyes. Over time we become blind to the little things that say “I don’t care”. That pile of papers, the shoes left in the middle of the floor, the fine layer of dust on the mirror. Every now and then, take a look at your home from the viewpoint of a visitor. Take action on what you now see.

Clear the visual clutter. Things do build up. That stack of filing that hasn’t made it to the filing cabinet. The Christmas presents that haven’t found a home yet. That travel brochure you’re still mulling over. Schedule a regular time to bring things back to rights.

Show your home some appreciation. If you’re greeted at the door by curled dry leaves on a pot plant, a squeaky hinge or chipped paint on the door frame, perhaps it’s time to plan some maintenance. Our homes work hard through all kinds of weather and the rigours of daily life. Give your home the care it needs.

Declare your love. Nothing says “I love my home” than inviting people to enjoy it with you. Go ahead and open your doors wide to guests. Preparing the home to welcome them will ensure you receive that same welcome home as well. You know you deserve it.

May your home always welcome you with a warm hug and a sweet sigh.

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