Starting the Year with Hope

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flowers (c) Karen Wallace


smiles from the threshold of the year to come,

whispering ‘it will be happier’…”

~Alfred Tennyson

There’s something in the air.

Can you feel it?

It’s calling to you. It knows your name.

(c) Karen Wallace 2014

If there’s one thing a new year naturally encourages, it’s that feeling of newness, of possibility, of hope.

After the fullness of the year, and the busyness of December. After all that stuff we tried to cram in before the year ended. After the celebrations and added load that Christmas festivities bring… After all that, there’s a lull. A delicious pause.

And into the space between, hope rises…

Karen Wallace (c) 2013 Christmas

In my pause, this in-between space where I renew and re-energise for the year ahead, I have been resisting the lure to write about how best to start your year. About goals and dreams and passions and desires. A peek back into my inbox and Facebook confirms that indeed, everyone is writing their version of seeing out the old and ringing in the new. The airwaves are full of it.

My heart says not yet. And maybe not at all.

There will be time for looking forward and getting into specifics, after the resting is done. There will be time for spreadsheets and calendars and schedules and planning once my soul is renewed and my body infused with rest.

The first order of the new year is getting quiet, rested, peaceful enough to hear the small quiet voice of my soul.

For that’s where the kernel of hope, the seeds of the happiest of years resides.

(c) 2014 KW

As you enter the new year… Inhale the possibility that comes gift wrapped this time of year. A whole new year, stretching ahead… ripe, succulent and ready for picking… Filled with hope.

It will be happier.


Start as you mean to continue. What sort of year are you preparing for, hoping for? 

We will be talking about Hope all January long here at The Calm Space. I do hope you’ll join us. KWFlourishLarge

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