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The Most of Nora Ephron by Nora Ephron

Some women have a spirit, a vitality, a light that burns within them so brightly that it cannot be extinguished. For me, the late Nora Ephron is one of these women. Writer, reporter, screenwriter, directer and blogger, her words are razor-sharp, truthful, diamond-like in their precision. And yet, at the same time, they also manage to be funny and compassionate.

The Most of Nora Ephron is a bumper collection of Nora’s writings – articles, reportage, blog posts, screenplays and the script of her last play. All of Nora’s occupations and preoccupations are present, categorized into nine modes – including the Journalist, the Foodie, the Blogger, the Screenwriter, and the Advocate.

This year, I’m giving Nora’s book as a Christmas present – to myself. I’m going to take it with me wherever this long Australian summer takes me. I’ll allow myself small moments of pleasure amid the craziness of Christmas and the long, long, long school holidays.

As Nora said:

Above all, be the heroine of your life.

Will you be giving yourself the gift of reading these holidays? What books will you be immersed in over the holiday season?

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