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9180706736_092d43088c_zI have had the privilege of working in the community services and disability sector for the last 18 years and during that time I have seen people show a remarkable amount of spirit.

The word spirit has several varied meanings but the one I am writing about is the English word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning spirit, soul, courage, vigour” (Wikipedia)

I have seen people show great spirit under very difficult circumstances, I remember a woman fleeing a domestic violence situation with her five children, she had little money and no where to go after things went badly while staying with extended family.

She was distressed and worried but made the whole thing sound like an adventure for her children and the younger ones were singing as I drove them to the railway station to put them on a train to spend a few nights in emergency accommodation.

A couple fostered a three year old boy with a profound intellectual disability until he found a family. He was still living with them as he turned forty and they were well into their eighties. He had found a loving family who had taught him a lot and they well all very happy.

Others are generous of spirit by donating money or goods or themselves to do volunteer work in the community.

Long live our community spirit.

image credit: Steve Wilson

About Our Guest Author

MareeMaree Crosbie is a Trainer, Financial Counsellor and Life Coach with a great sense of humour and a background in nursing, the corporate world and most recently the community sector and is a published author. Maree has worked with a wide range of clients and says that it is an honour to share in peoples growing confidence and achievements.

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