Life Lessons from a Music Box

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I have a little wooden music box. Handcrafted in Germany, it was given to me by my German aunt.

It’s a sweet thing, and it sat on my shelf, just out of reach, all through my childhood. Seeing it there reminded me that I was loved and thought of by people far away who I had not yet met. But it was always something for looking at, not playing with.

When I hit my teen years, the music box disappeared. I guess my mother put it away for safe-keeping.

Now I have unpacked that music box again. It is a little tattier than I remember, some finer pieces broken off, paint peeling and worn away. The music still plays, although the spring is a little noisier than it was. The colours and style are out of fashion, and with the little man smoking his pipe, it’s certainly not politically correct. But I love it.

For a while it sat on a shelf in my bedroom, and occasionally as I passed I would wind it up and let it play. And then came my granddaughter, now 4 years old. And with her, a choice.

My choices –
1. Pack it away to keep it safe for later
2. Put it up high where she can’t reach, but bring it down for her to play with under supervision
3. Give it to her and let her play with it whenever and however she chooses

Options 1 and 2 might have preserved the music box for longer, but for what? I went with option 3. I have made a choice to live in the present, and celebrate small things every day. That’s something I’d like to role model for my granddaughter as well.

Life is for living. The good china is meant for dining off. The best jewellery is made for wearing. Music boxes are meant for playing.

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One Response to “Life Lessons from a Music Box”
  1. Meg Ringrose says:

    Oh Angela I totally agree with you. I always feel sad to se rose lovely glass fronted cabinets filled with grandmas treasures that are never taken out for an airing. Did dear departed Grandma really want all her treasured possessions locked away for a few more generations?

    Why not appreciate how much better tea tastes when sipped from bone china or the craftsmanship and artistry of beautiful dinner ware very day.? Don’t save it for important guests , our VIP’s are with us everyday.

    I say enjoy our family treasures now and clink your best china every time you drink a (tea) toast to Gran.