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I love getting lost in a good mystery series. Weirdly, though, I often don’t care that much for the mystery itself. Instead, I’ve usually fallen in love with the characters and the setting. So the twists and turns of the actual whodunnit, for me, becomes an excuse for spending more time in that particular imagined world.

One of the fictitious worlds that I adore was created by Kerry Greenwood. Kerry is a prolific writer, with a string of books and series to her name, including the well-known Phryne Fisher series – which takes place in 1920s Melbourne.

But I want to direct you in another direction – towards Kerry’s Corinna Chapman series, a murder mystery series with a rather delicious twist!


Corinna is a baker and an accidental (and somewhat reluctant) solver of mysteries, living in contemporary Melbourne. She is earthy, warm-hearted, vulnerable and smart. Her bakery, ‘Earthly Delights’, is located in Melbourne’s Flinder’s Lane, at the base of an old building (where Corinna also owns an apartment). But her kindheartedness and strong sense of justice means that when crime, murder and wrongdoing occur, Corinna cannot look away…she must act.

I love the Corinna mysteries for a number of reasons. There are glorious descriptions of food and the way delicious bakery treats (and other culinary delights) are prepared. I love the attitude Corinna has about herself and her body -‘She weighs one hundred kilos, and is never, ever, going to go on a diet…’. And I love the way other people – especially her lover, Daniel (who is so yummy, and should be played by Don Hany if this series is ever adapted for TV) – find Corinna smart, attractive and ever so desirable. I love the way Corinna is a cat person, and the way she collects and cares for other types of strays (including homeless kids, a retired classics professor and a pair of wannabe soap stars).

As a special treat, you can download a copy of Corinna’s recipes. (Just click on the cover…)


Check out that Tarte Tatin…

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2 Responses to “Baking up a storm”
  1. Chris Owen says:

    Well Carolyn, more agreement!

    I too love the Earthly Delights series and for all the same reasons.

    I think there’s a fairly recent one that needs my attention, so thanks for the reminder.

  2. Carolyn Leslie says:

    Oh Chris, you and I seem to have synched reading tastes! I’ve just picked up the last in the series – Cooking the Books – as an audiobook. It is a great series to listen to (as well as read…)