A Life of Celebration

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What I am celebrating right now…


Spring growth. Freshness. Warmth. Sunlight. A mantle of green upon the world. Birds aflutter. Friskyness and frolicking.

busy fingers (c)kwallace

Busy fingers. Bright yarn. Creative urges. Gifts from my hands. Textures and tactile rhapsodies.

love and family (c)kwallace

Family. Love. Engagements. Wedding plans.  Any excuse for bubbles. Togetherness. Bright futures.

healthy dog (c) kwallace

Health. Spirit. Unconditional love. Shadows. Kin. Nutrition. Play.


Growth. Dirty hands. Happy bodies. Bees. The scents of calm. The joy of macro.


Beauty. Bright spots. Seasons passing. Welcome. Gathering and sharing. Vibrancy.


The green green grass of home. My beloved. The animals that adore him, as I do. Our place. My heart.

luminous sunsets (k) kwallace

Luminous sunsets. Ebb and flow. Breathtaking moments. Fully living my life…

All this and so much more.

I remind myself to celebrate every day, it is my most delicious habit.

Life appreciates a grateful, enthusiastic crowd. When I take the time to find things to celebrate, life gifts me more and more.

Welcome to October at The Calm Space! This promises to be a significant month in our calendar – as we relish the theme of Celebration. Already, the line up is warming my heart. And I wonder – is this the month you share with us how you celebrate?

What does Celebration mean to you? Please join us as we move through this month. It would be my honour to have you here.

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kw Jan 30 2013I am Káren Wallace, the Editor and Founder of The Calm Space, and Deliberate Luscious Life Coach to women who long to live a sustainable life, with ease. This is a rare glimpse inside the life I live, here in our beautiful little corner of the world.

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One Response to “A Life of Celebration”
  1. What lovely things to celebrate, Karen. As the northern hemisphere heads towards Winter, I envy your Spring growth! Autumn has its own pleasures, though, and this Autumn I shall be doing a lot of celebrating… :-)