An Invitation to Ease

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portland by air June 2011

It was one of those moments where my whole body shook, my stomach did flip flops, and I had trouble sitting still. I had been invited to attend a workshop in Portland Oregon in the (US) summer. I’d never been to the US, and I’d never travelled overseas alone. My husband and I talked about it, and agreed that if it was easy to do, I would go.

First step was online, checking flights and frequent flyer points. We were just about to move into our new home, repaired after the floods, and the only way I’d be able to go is if I could use all those points I’d hoarded for the international flights.

It was easy. I could get tickets. I shook as I pressed that button to book.

At some stage, I vowed that since this trip was obviously meant to be, it would happen with ease. Every step of the way ease became my mantra.

And each step of the way, the packing and preparation, the flights, the customs, the baggage handling, the connections through LAX, the train into the city, the hotel, it all was easy. I seemed to miss the queues or join the right ones every time. Coming home, instead of routing through Auckland as booked, they asked if I’d mind a direct flight to Brisbane? Mind? I was ecstatic – it saved me six hours travel time.

As I landed in Brisbane in the wee hours of a winter morning, I reflected on the fact that nothing had gone wrong. I’d had a good sleep in a layflat bed and when I got to the baggage carousel my bag was the very first off! I skimmed through customs and was home, way earlier than expected, and buoyed by the whole experience.

A month later we moved into our new home, and that too went painlessly with my new mantra well entrenched.

Since then I’ve invoked ease with ease. (ha!)

It hasn’t all been easy, of course. There have been more challenges in the last few years than I ever want to experience in ten years, but ease has helped me through. I’ve proven it works, and now it’s up to me to remember – especially in the hard times.

When I have faith, and a belief that miracles happen and that things will be easy – they do and are.

When I lose sight of it and see only struggle and worry for the future, that’s when things start to fall to pieces.

I know which I prefer.

Our theme for August at The Calm Space is Ease. I invite you to join us. Relish the stories that we’ve planned for you – some gorgeousness awaits (including new guest contributors I am excited to introduce to you).

And if you’re called, I’ve a couple of spots left if you’d  like to share your story of Ease. Details here.

In the comments do let me know – has there been a time in your life when everything happened with Ease? Why was that?

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