Lightening the Load

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It is a joy to welcome Maree Crosbie back to The Calm Space! More about Maree below.


I have recently made some very big changes in my life and these changes have significantly lightened my load. I also have a new awareness and appreciation for different aspects of my life.

I left a stressful and toxic work environment and found the first two weeks very confronting as suddenly there was time to think about all the issues and the effect they had on me. I felt sad and sorry for myself and felt like I would be stuck in this place for ever. Fortunately I have a wonderful husband and son who were there for me and eventually the sun did rise on a new day and this phase passed allowing me to feel a lightness of being and to see and appreciate different aspects of my life.

I found that I was appreciating the small things – really noticing nature, the change in the colours of the winter leaves, I had time to read and talk to friends and to enjoy cooking.

I am now venturing into the wider world but will endeavour to keep lightening my load.

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About Our Guest Contributor

MareeMaree Crosbie is a Trainer, Financial Counsellor and Life Coach with a great sense of humour and a background in nursing, the corporate world and most recently the community sector and is a published author. Maree has worked with a wide range of clients and says that it is an honour to share in peoples growing confidence and achievements.


2 Responses to “Lightening the Load”
  1. Miki DeVivo says:

    So happy for you and for this new chapter in your story.

  2. Maree says:

    Thank you Miki, I am excited by it.