In Search of Lightness

Let there be light. (c)KW

When the day is dreary, wet, cold, grey as it is here today, I have a tendency to feel withdrawn, with a melancholy-ness of spirit and a burning desire to feel the sun on my skin.

It’s easy to lose motivation and instead feel a need to retreat into a cocoon of comfort and numbness.

And yet. Yet that feeling of heaviness is all in my head. There’s beauty in the nourishing rain, there’s a sense of grandeur to be discovered as we witness first hand the season we’re in – knowing the earth is already rotating towards the spring.

A heater. A hot cup of coffee, freshly brewed. Van Morrison playing loud, inviting me to the dance. Movement stirs the blood, warms the hands and brings energy and enthusiasm flooding back.

The bed I made this morning puts a smile on my face as I glance in the room, the house freshly cleaned and polished over the weekend gives me a sense of rightness in my world. A quick wipe of kitchen sink, a candle lit, a bill paid, a list made. There.

There it is. That sense of possibility.

That sense of lightness.

My heart sighs in satisfaction. I can discover lightness even here.

Welcome to July. Mid-winter here in Australia.

No matter what the weather is like in the place you call home, there’s always lightness to be found. Will you join us here throughout the month, as we dig and delve into this delicious theme?

Where do you long for lightness? What do you do when you lose that sense of possibility and hope? What brings you back?

I’d love to hear from you, love. Let’s share the lightness and open our hearts wide to the love that creates.


About our Serenity Space Contributor

Karen dec12I am Káren Wallace, the Editor and Founder of The Calm Space, and Deliberate Luscious Life Coach to women who ache for that lightness of being and the sense that anything is possible. I help them uncover hope, and move towards the light – one step at a time.

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