There is enough time.

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Oh honey. You know how you often find yourself bemoaning the fact that you don’t have enough time? That there are more things to do than there are minutes?

You know how you try to multitask, and rush from thing to thing, always thinking about that other thing that’s not getting handled (and it really needs handling)?

You know how time seems to be your enemy, from the moment you fling off the bedcovers in the morning to the moment you drop back into them, utterly spent?

You know those stories you tell yourself about not enough time, never enough time, even as you stir dinner and supervise homework and check Facebook on your phone?

It’s all lies

Time is on your side.

It’s not against you. It’s not out to get you. It’s not trying to trip you up or defeat you.

You have enough time.

Time to look your child in the eye, and really hear what they are saying.

Time to take a deep nourishing breath and feel your shoulders drop and that crease between your eyebrows disappear.

Time to notice the sunset.

Time to feel calm.

Time is there for you, my love. Not the other way around.

Time is ready to serve you, bring you back to this present moment – because, of course, you know that this is all you have. You’ve simply been too busy to remember.

Take a big, shuddering breath… go on. Thaaat’s it.

Now another one.

Repeat after me. There is enough time.

Everything happens with divine timing.


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Karen dec12I am Káren Wallace. Every day I remind myself that right here and now is all I have. I have learned that time bends according to what I am telling myself about it and I choose to think there is always enough. As a coach, I am honoured to be a witness and a mirror to women who are dropping back into themselves. I am keeping time on my side as I craft a new way of fueling your soul in Nourishment (coming soon).

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One Response to “There is enough time.”
  1. Anna says:

    Wonderful! I think the concept of ‘enough’ can also apply to material things and money. If I am really honest with myself, I have enough stuff, enough clothes, enough jewellery, enough techy gadgets, enough books, enough of everything. I don’t need to buy new stuff the second it comes out. I have been starting to save a bit of money by considering whether I ‘need’ it, or do I just want it, and do I have enough already? It’s against the grain, but I have found it has decreased my stress and my debt. I have enough.