A Moment in Time


I have a feeling that the choice of Time as our theme this month is no accident.

We’re already a week into June and I’ve been fluffing about, not happy with draft after draft of words to introduce the theme to you. And it felt like there was a rolling pin involved in my discussions with myself about the delay.

Time has passed. Whole big days of it without pressing that blue publish button. But you’re reading this now, so I did finally hit the button!

There are excuses, reasons . . . yet they feel more like justifications than anything.

What I know is that life is always there, interrupting and making waves, and yet that doesn’t usually stop me getting things done. Especially important things like communicating with you here.

I’ve been searching for the right words. Starting thread after thread. And yet, it in my head, I hadn’t nailed it.

And then it hit me. I was living out in the future instead of being right here with the words. I was floating about in ‘done and published and this is the reader reaction’ land, instead of here, writing.

Time is strange. When we hit a joyous moment, we want to stop time. When things are going well, we’d like to bottle that time as it whizzes past. And when things are tough, when heartache hits, when we feel like we’re trudging through deep mud, time crawls.

What I’ve found is that time matches what I believe about it. If I think there’s not enough time – I’m right. If I think I have all the time in the world, often I do.

Time warps according to what is going on in my head. And so I’ve learned that if I make the most of this very moment, the rest of time will take care of itself.

If I forget and start thinking about tomorrow, next week, next year – worrying, wishing, hoping, dreaming. . .

. . . time drags.

If I lapse and think about yesterday and last year, and way back into the days of carefree childhood, wishing I could turn back the clock and being so very aware of the passing of time . . .

. . . time speeds up.

But when I am right here, right now, writing this to you (with no thought of tomorrow when you’ll be reading) . . .

. . . time flows.

When time flows, life feels right.

Are you here?

I’d like to invite you to take a moment, right now as you read this, to bring yourself right here, right now.

Close your eyes. Feel the breath as it enters your body. Feel your feet on the floor. Feel the tips of your fingers. Feel the tension in your shoulders (and watch how as you bring your attention to them, they drop). Feel your breath.

Touch in one at a time with each of your senses.

What can you hear? Taste? Feel? Smell? And what can you see?

How do you feel, right here in your body?

When you catch yourself thinking or saying there’s not enough time, I invite you to take a quick journey into this very moment. When you’re here, remember, time flows…

Once I remembered this lesson, and communed with the words, finally they flowed enough for me to press that blue button.

What do you do, when you’re stuck living elsewhere than here? I’d love to hear what works for you in the comments below.

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