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Happiness is a state of feeling pleasure, contentment or satisfaction. Some people like to notice what makes them happy. I like to notice how happiness feels. That way, I can recreate the experience of happy even when circumstances might indicate I should feel otherwise.

How do you embody happiness?

Remember a time when you were unquestionably happy. Notice what happened to your body when you felt pleasure, contentment or satisfaction:

Did you place your hands on your hips and exhale a sigh of relief?

Did the corners of your mouth curl upward uncontrollably?

Did your eyes glaze over and your eyelids slip closed?

Did you shoulders release down from your ears?

Did your feet sink more deeply into the earth?

Write down each description on paper or make a mental note, then take a moment to embody just one of the characteristics you’ve discovered and notice how it changes your mood.

The next time you’re feeling decidedly less than happy, take out your list and create your own state of pleasure, contentment or satisfaction. Order up some happiness on demand.

Share your insights.

What is one of the ways you embody happiness? Do you notice any patterns, any embodiments that reveal themselves more often?

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gini Aug 12Gini Martinez
 is an Embodiment Teacher and owner at Rock What’s Yours. She specializes in teaching goal oriented individuals how to engage their mind & body intelligently so they’re able to show up as their best selves and perform at their highest level at any given moment.

Gini is a former dancer. She has taught Pilates and somatic movement for 15 years and is trained as a Franklin Method® Instructor. As a busy wife, mother {to 3 boys}, and business owner, Gini experiences the necessity to stay grounded, centered, and flexible on a daily basis and enjoys teaching all those willing to show up and do the work how to do the same. She considers herself a Warrior Advocate.


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