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kingfisher (c) KW

Ahhh… happiness.

A word so fraught with possibility, so packed with meaning, and echoing with emotion.

I believe happiness is not something we can pursue, with any chance of catching it.

In my life, happiness is always there. It simply waits for me to notice.

It’s in the contentment of a clean sink, a washing line heavy with flapping clothes, clean sun-kissed sheets on the bed.

It’s in the heavy weariness of my body after a day in the garden.

It’s in the email from a client, or the note in the post, sharing how her life is changing for the better, and how happiness is creeping up on her.

It’s in those Sunday evenings when my whole family gathers in the kitchen to laugh and share and connect and love over dinner.

It’s in watching my elder son help his brother with his maths assignment. And the way my daughter and her father share their love of horses.

It’s laughter with friends and big family gatherings.

It’s in the light touch of his fingertips on the back of my neck, and in the enveloping warmth of his hug.

It’s in the adoration of my dog. And the flashes of azure as our resident kingfishers whizz about.


It’s witnessing the changing seasons, and the way the moon hung, so big and golden, above the river last night.

It’s in every stitch of my current knitting project – no matter what I’m making this time. The bags of wool, just waiting to be turned into something useful, something that whispers love with every touch.

It’s making dreams come true, and the pot of tea my husband and I share early on weekend mornings, with just the sunrise and the sounds of birds starting their day.

It’s the sound of laughter, somewhere in the house. And the wave of a neighbour as we pass on the street. It’s a tidy desk, and a candle lit. It’s the scent of rain and the warmth of the sun on my skin.

It’s knowing that lives change, in some small way, because of what I bring to the world.

It’s fresh basil and tomatoes from the garden, or the scent of orange cake in the oven.

It’s celebrating the little moments as well as the big, and always having a bottle of something bubbly chilling in the fridge.

It’s expecting miracles, and living in gratitude for each and every one.

It’s saying I Love You. With relish.

Happiness is … all this and so very much more.

Tell me, are you pursuing happiness with relentless zeal, always expecting it to be around the next corner, just at the edges of next week?

Are you waiting for things to happen in order to be happy?

Waiting for money in the bank. Waiting for love to arrive. Waiting for the kids to toilet train/start school/leave home. Waiting for those last 5 pounds to drop, the credit card to be paid off, the promotion at work?

Stop waiting.

Close your eyes.

Take three long, deep breaths.

Open you eyes, and let happiness catch you unawares. It’s there, just at the edge of your vision, to the right.


Riding happiness

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Karen dec12 I am Káren Wallace. I’ve given up the struggle to be happy, and now find happiness in the everyday moments and little joys that fill my life. When not snapping cheesy photos with my iPhone or spending time with my family and friends, I can be found publishing The Calm Space, and coaching women to shine their light in this world. You can find out more about me, and ways to work with me here.

P.S. The kingfisher stunned himself on our glass door – and I was lucky enough to get a couple of photos before he righted himself! That is my wonderful dog, who will be 7 this week, and the final pic is my beautiful daughter on her horse.




5 Responses to “Happiness is…”
  1. Lee says:

    Karen, that was beautiful! Happiness is all around us but fleeting so we need to be available to it.

  2. bonitarose says:

    Loved reading this this morning… u are so right.. it’s always right there.. most ppl are just too busy to catch a glimpse. xo

    • Hello Bonita Rose! So lovely to see you here. I see you as someone who captures those little moments every day in your glorious photography. Will we see you back here again? xx

  3. Barbara Weber says:

    It’s everywhere….you just need to be open to it…yeah okay…maybe I did need a reminder…but life is mostly joyful…yes there are bumps and huge obstacles….but I only need to focus to see the good…and there is always that other door….the one that opens when the previous one closes….no matter the circumstance….keep smiling, worry about you…the rest will fall into place!