A List To Remind Me

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miki happiess imageHappiness is…

Really feeling it, what ever “it” is, good or bad, and knowing that I am alive.

Burying my nose in my son’s hair and breathing in his little-boy smell.

Really, truly seeing what I am seeing and know that my life is beautiful.

Having sought and struggled and tried and failed and finally figured out what I am meant to do in this world. And committing to it.

Letting go of the need to fix myself, the need to believe that I am broken.

Writing it out longhand. Connecting my body with the wisdom my mind didn’t even know it had.

Making stuff.

Asking a good question and getting an amazing answer.

When my husband hugs me back.

Any kind of water, lake, river, ocean, shower.

Creative flow, struggle, prayer, the click, and the completion.

Having my family living so close by.

Finding love notes from my daughter.

Watching the light change on the mountains beyond my back yard.

Taking an uninterrupted shower.

Faith in the goodness of the world and its people.

Watching my children grow and change and learn.

Realizing that I can now reliably count on the kids sleeping through the night 99% of the time.

Knowing that my husband can make me laugh in an instant.

Doing something, anything, big or small, that brings my actions into alignment with my values.

Keeping my commitments to myself and others.

Seeing a photograph I took printed out in real life (and off the computer!).

The look on a mom’s face, a dad’s face when they see their love story made tangible for the first time.

Listening to a dad tell me the story of how much he loves his wife.

Talking for hours with a good friend who really gets me.

Bearing witness to people’s stories.

Reflecting back to people the very best parts of who they are.

Knowing that I am part of something bigger than me.

Singing lullabies.

Freshly bathed children.

Watching Dr. Who.

Holding my husband’s hand in the middle of the night.

Talking with my daughter and watching how her mind works.

Talking with my son and watching how his mind works.

Making up games with the kids. Losing myself in play.

And happiness is knowing that if I look for it, I will always find it there waiting for me.


Miki DeVivoHi, I’m Miki. I am a photographer, family history chronicler, and creator of The Book of Love. I create and tend spaces in which we can be truly seen and deeply loved. I am passionate about collecting and tending stories, capturing moments of everyday tenderness and beauty, and reflecting back to people the very best parts of themselves. Come share my story (and share yours if you like) at mikidevivo.com


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    Beautiful Miki, thank you