When Courage Fails

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We are very excited to welcome back to our pages, lovely guest contributor, Martine Brennan. More about Martine below…


There are many reasons why courage fails.
The time is not right.
We are not ready.
Maybe, the choice is not right for us.

But all too often,
Courage fails because we are listening to Everybody.
Everybody says ‘No you can’t do that!
You will upset/hurt Everybody.
You are too old,
too young,
Only a woman.
Not smart enough,
Not fit enough,
Not something enough.

If this is what’s happening to you right now,
Turn down the volume of the voices.
Immerse your self in stories of women who left the job,
Left the marriage,
Climbed that mountain,
Gave up procrastinating,
And set themselves free.
You have only one life!
Live it!
Join the many women who did what they thought they could not.
Surprise your self!
And start today…

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About our Guest Contributor

Martine Brennan smMartine Brennan is the author of Happiness, it’s just a habit.
To read more of Martine Brennan’s work, come to martinebrennan.com
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4 Responses to “When Courage Fails”
  1. Thank you for showing your courage every day, Martine, and for encouraging others to find theirs.

  2. Monique says:

    Martine, reading your article reminded me of a story we saw on TV last week.
    It was about a series of women who were duped by the same man and ended up in a shockingly violent relationship. A few of them fell pregnant to this person and what stood out to me was that when the life of their born/unborn child was at risk, this was when they found the courage to find a way out of their desperate situations. That instinct to protect another life proved the catalyst to them finding the strength and determination to change their life. It was a very disturbing, yet moving story of these courageous women. They did what they thought they could not….

    • The question ‘would you want this … for your daughter?’ always helps me to clarify things for myself Monique. I use it in my work too.Powerful energies come into play with this question which take us beyond our often limited view of our own ability.
      I volunteer at Ireland Reaching Out which is a community project helping people connect with their Irish roots. We are often awed by the courage shown especially by our female ancestors. Many of us are only here because they did what they thought they could not…