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How courageous are you?

Fight or flight. Face the danger, or run from it. Avoid it, or tackle it headlong.

I have so many questions about having courage and being brave. I’ve never thought of myself as particularly brave – I’ve never jumped out of a plane, nor thrown myself off a bridge with only a piece of elastic stopping me from plummeting to my death. I’ve never deliberately sought conflict (in fact, quite the opposite). And yet, the mama bear in me can be fiercely courageous if one of my cubs is threatened.

When we think of courageous people, we often think of those that do amazing things in the face of huge adversity. The hero that saves a child from a burning house. The saviour who jumps into a raging flood to rescue a kid hanging onto a tree for dear life.

But it is the quiet, unsung acts of everyday courage that make up the fabric of our lives. Of standing up for what you believe, especially when it’s not the popular thing. In saying no, when everyone wants you to say yes. In admitting you were wrong, saying sorry, eating a big piece of humble pie. Of doing what you know is right, despite everything, even when no-one else will ever know.

Everyday courage is about taking action despite our fears. Putting everything on the line for what we know is true. Putting ourselves out there, even when we’re quaking in our boots.

It’s about looking our demons in the eye and not bowing down.

It’s about putting aside years of conditioning and beliefs to make the call, take the step, press send.

Being courageous is about getting out of our comfort zone. It’s a very personal thing. It’s not about being big and brave, where that comes easy to us. It’s about the hard stuff, the stuff where our stomach churns, our breath comes in short gasps and our hands are clammy with fear – and then taking action anyway.

It’s when our heart pounds and our feet seem rooted to the ground, and yet we take one more step. And then another.

It matters not what that step is. What matters is that we take it.

And when we look in the mirror each morning, we recognise the power and belief we see staring back at us in our own eyes.

Courage is about no longer being the victim. Tossing away our martyr hat. Leaving that part of ourselves that relishes being the centre-of-attention-drama-queen behind.

Funny thing is, we know where we most need a dose of courage right now. We know what we need to face, take action on, climb over.

It is my aim to help you take one step, just one, of courage this month – will you let me?

Please share in the comments below – either where you need a dose of courage right now, or your story of a time when you faced your fears (and how that turned out for you). I’d love to hear from you!

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March is Courage month at The Calm Space. All month long, we’ll be sharing journeys of courage, of looking fear in the eye and taking action despite all odds. Will you join us?

We still have space for you, if you’d like to share your story of courage at The Calm Space this month. Click here for full details of writing for us.


Karen dec12Talking about courage, sometimes the biggest step we take is knowing and owning who we truly are.

I designed the Vision Quest at Calm Space Salon to help you uncover the woman you are beyond all the roles, obligations and expectations.

Here’s what some of the current members are saying about it:

The Salon vision quest is …

“a journey of self-discovery . . . a path to my soul.”

“a way of making conscious and bring to the forefront of your awareness who you truly are, and how you can make that happen. But in a way that is true for you and not dictated or colored by the lens of ‘guru’.”

“a deep untangling of me and my thinking and my heart and soul’s yearnings.”

“a guided exploration of my innermost needs and desires, a quest to find answers to questions I didn’t even know existed, and they are vital.”

This visioning quest shapes the entire landscape of your life, but we don’t stop there!

It leads seamlessly into the Salon experience, where you are thoroughly supported in a community of gorgeous women, and given the structure and framework to begin to craft your beautiful life based upon the most luscious vision of who you are.

You can find full details here: Calm Space Salon


3 Responses to “We’re talking about Courage”
  1. Maree says:

    Karen what you wrote about taking action despite our fears. I used to work with someone who used to take a pretend “brave pill” before she made a difficult phone call.

    • Love that Maree – thank you for sharing (and sorry I missed this before now). A pretend brave pill – just like one of those sugar placebos they use in studies. Hmm… that’s really brilliant! xx