Learnings from a Courageous Friend

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When I think of Courage, I always think of my friend – let’s call her Nicole to protect her anonymity. She is the most courageous woman I know, and an inspiration to me. Not because she jumps out of airplanes, although she has done that. Not because she’s faced illness head on and prevailed, although she’s done that too. Not because she’s raced on yachts in wild oceans and succeeded, although you guessed it… she’s done that as well. And not because when the wind and rain beats down, and the rest of us shelter inside, she volunteers to venture out to help secure a destroyed home, or search for a missing loved one, which she does on a regular basis.

Actually, it is because of all those things, and so much more.

Nicole is not afraid to be unconventional, sharing her fondness for girly shoes and blokey cars.

Nicole tries new things, even when there is a possibility of failure, even when they are difficult, even when no-one else is doing them. And sometimes she does fail. But she always learns something, and keeps on trying new things.

Nicole stands up for what she knows to be right. She does that even when it may cause ruffles, even when it may be unpopular.

She is not afraid to be human, vulnerable and her real self.

So you can see why, when I think of Courage, I think of her.

How does that kind of courage relate to organising?

Sometimes, to be organised, it helps to be unconventional, to look at things from a different angle.

Sometimes, to be organised, you have to try new things. Those new things may not work at first. You may have to keep trying, or try something different. You may even fail at those new things. But I want you to know, your persistence will pay off. One of those new things will work, and you will succeed. And in the meantime, you will learn lots.

Sometimes, to be organised, you have to stand up for what you know is right. It may cause ruffles or be unpopular for a while. But in the end those around you will see what’s right for themselves, and come along with you.

Sometimes, to be organised, you have to accept that you are human, vulnerable, imperfect. You are real, like everyone on this planet.

Will you be courageous? Will you be open to trying new things, and perhaps even fail before succeeding, in order to find that right level of organisation for you and your household?

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8 Responses to “Learnings from a Courageous Friend”
  1. Chris Owen says:

    Hi Angela
    This person sounds like someone I know too and I’m so impressed and glad you made that connection because you’re right. Nicole does exemplify courage to me too. Thanks for drawing that to my conscious mind.
    Sernding virtual hugs to both of you.

  2. I knew you’d recognise Nicole. She is such an inspiration to all who know her.

  3. Larna says:

    Great article Angela… very thought provoking… Courage is a quality I admire and aspire too. Thanks for sharing this timely reminder to be courageous every day. Being organised takes courage because it means facing change head on and change is something that challenges us all. xo

  4. Maree says:

    Nicole sounds like an amazing woman Angela. I love the way you talk about facing being vulnerable and imperfect to become organised. That is indeed a courageous thing to do.

  5. Jenie says:

    Nicole does sound amazing and thank you for the reminder – courage is something I don’t have, so thankyou for the jogger!