Courage, Embodied

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courage : noun

  • the ability to do something that frightens one
  • strength in the face of pain or grief

from Latin cor ‘heart.’

Ever notice when you become frightened, you chest tightens? It constricts, pulls in, as if to protect your heart. But courage requires an open heart. It requires allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, whether physically or emotionally, despite a strong desire to remain closed, protected, and safe.

Nestled between your right and left lung is your heart. Below your heart and lungs is your diaphragm, the muscle that pulls oxygen into your lungs, and pushes carbon dioxide out of your lungs as you inhale and exhale.

The outer covering of your heart is connected to your diaphragm, therefore, when your diaphragm moves downward during inhalation, it pulls your heart down with it. When your diaphragm moves upwards again, it pushes your heart up into a group hug with your lungs.

Below is an embodiment exercise to practice for the next time you need to embody courage.

  1. Notice any tension in your upper body. Notice your head space and any mental chatter.
  2. Make a loose fist with your right hand and place it just to the left of your breastbone, over your heart.
  3. Take a deep breath in and move/slide your hand down towards your belly as you inhale.
  4. As you exhale, slowly slide your hand back up to your chest.
  5. Inhale and exhale, slowly sliding your fist down and up.
  6. Allow your inhale to deepen as the movement of your hand keeps time with your breath.
  7. Repeat this 5-7x, visualizing – with each breath you take, your heart’s at the centre of a friendly game of tug-of-war or playfully rebounding like a yo-yo.

Allow your arm to rest back down at your side. Notice your upper body and headspace again. Feel the openness in your chest? The peace in your head? Do you feel yourself growing taller?

This is what it feels like to be open, yet strong and fully conscious. You are courage, embodied.

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gini Aug 12Gini Martinez is an Embodiment Teacher and owner at Rock What’s Yours. She specializes in teaching goal oriented individuals how to engage their mind & body intelligently so they’re able to show up as their best selves and perform at their highest level at any given moment.

Gini is a former dancer. She has taught Pilates and somatic movement for 15 years and is trained as a Franklin Method® Instructor. As a busy wife, mother {to 3 boys}, and business owner, Gini experiences the necessity to stay grounded, centered, and flexible on a daily basis and enjoys teaching all those willing to show up and do the work how to do the same. She considers herself a Warrior Advocate.

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