The Best of Courage

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I’ve shared some in-depth conversations about courage recently. The courage to quit when the world would like to see us not rock the boat. The courage to say no, when the rest of the world wants us to say yes. The courage to go against ‘the way it’s always been done‘ to do it your […]

Courage, Embodied

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courage : noun the ability to do something that frightens one strength in the face of pain or grief from Latin cor ‘heart.’ Ever notice when you become frightened, you chest tightens? It constricts, pulls in, as if to protect your heart. But courage requires an open heart. It requires allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, whether […]

When Courage Fails

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We are very excited to welcome back to our pages, lovely guest contributor, Martine Brennan. More about Martine below… There are many reasons why courage fails. The time is not right. We are not ready. Maybe, the choice is not right for us. But all too often, Courage fails because we are listening to Everybody. […]


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“This poem was written by my dear friend Margaret Gauld, sadly she lives with an unpleasant degenerative illness. Margaret recently had a poem published in the Seniors newspaper. She is well loved and an inspiration to us all.” – Maree Crosbie Hope Pain spirals Through the days Seconds are bricks Minutes slabs And hours concrete […]

Retrospective: If I Were Queen of the Forest …

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“Introducing our Retrospective article for this week: Selected from the works of A-ha! Space contributor Carla Cummins Thomas, we would like to reintroduce you to this article from October 29, 2010. Carla takes us down memory lane with a fantastical journey of finding courage within the loving heart of a lion. We hope you enjoy!” When I was a […]

Many Forms of Courage

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We are very happy to welcome back the lovely Maree Crosbie, a long-time reader come contributor, to our pages today. More about Maree below. Courage comes in many forms, often it is only thought of in big heroic deeds such as rescuing a person from a burning building. That is most certainly courageous, however, many people are […]

The Courage to Quit

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I’m calling it quits. Throwing in the towel. Raising the white flag. My name is Miki, and I’m not a perfect mother. For the last seven years, since my darling daughter took her very first breath and screamed her very first scream, I’ve been trying to get it right. I’ve read all the books and […]

Learnings from a Courageous Friend

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When I think of Courage, I always think of my friend – let’s call her Nicole to protect her anonymity. She is the most courageous woman I know, and an inspiration to me. Not because she jumps out of airplanes, although she has done that. Not because she’s faced illness head on and prevailed, although […]

I *heart* books . . .

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I *heart*, you *heart*, we *heart* books. Books were one of my first passions in life. If I could have encoded them in my DNA, I would have. New books, old book, printed books, e-books, audiobooks. I live my life awash with books. There is only thing I love more than reading books, and that […]

We’re talking about Courage

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How courageous are you? Fight or flight. Face the danger, or run from it. Avoid it, or tackle it headlong. I have so many questions about having courage and being brave. I’ve never thought of myself as particularly brave – I’ve never jumped out of a plane, nor thrown myself off a bridge with only […]