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“Introducing our Retrospective article for this week: Chosen from our previous Design Space contributor, Vitania M Liscio’s articles’, we hope this lovely piece from January 18, 2010 stimulates your senses and leaves you longing for a warm, peaceful dip in the tub.”

I love January. Something about saying goodbye to an old year, and welcoming a new one filled with possibilities puts me in a great mood. It’s the time of year that I take the most time for myself, reflecting, redirecting and focusing on what the future holds. I am about to set off an incredible journey, and I need my mind, and body to be clear and focused on achieving my goals. But given all the things I have to get done in a day, and the two little people who demand my attention constantly, there is very little time for my much needed contemplation.

But when the sun goes down, and eyelids start to get heavy, teeth are brushed and stories read, there is a place that I can retreat to for calm and serenity. My bath is this place. It starts from the moment I run the water, to the fragrance of handmade soaps, to nourishing my skin with overpriced lotions afterwards. Whether I get 20 minutes or 45 minutes, that time is precious.

Kara Mann

Baths today are really designed with this in mind. They are much more open, luxurious, and comfortable. They’ve become another room in the house that you can enjoy spending time in. The freestanding soaker tubs are certainly my preference; Elegant, easy to slip in and out of, they fill up quickly, and you can sit comfortably while you are surrounded by the warmth of beautifully fragrant water.

karyl pierce paxton

An inviting chair is a wonderful addition to the bathroom retreat. It’s a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the benefits of the steam coming off from the tub. Steaming your skin opens your pores, and allows your body to detoxify. It can relieve stress, and increase circulation. Having a comfortable chair in the bath to sit at while you unwind is both stylish and nourishing.

Paolo moschino

For years now we have seen sink cabinets replaced by freestanding vanities, with vessel sinks sitting delicately atop. Converting antique chests, and dressers to exquisitely showcased bathroom sinks. But a new trend is adding furniture like armoires, hutches, and even bookshelves to the bath. It’s an incredibly stylish way to store extra towels, the blow-dryer, hair rollers, flat and curling irons and all those other things that take up too much room under the sink. On top, you can create a beautiful display of soaps, creams, candles and fragrances. Of course you have to have a big bathroom to add a piece of furniture in it, but it’s easy to see how the bathroom is not just a place to tidy up in, but a personal escape from our busy days.

sarah richardson

Using creamy whites throughout the bath, really adds a spa like experience. Layering whites with different patterns and textures is the best way to create warmth and drama, without making it look too sterile.

point click home

And for absolute decadence, a fountain feature. It took me a while to figure out where the water in this tub was coming from, and then I looked up. The sound of water running gently is very soothing and focusing on that subtle sound helps clear my mind.

In the end, my bathroom looks nothing like any of these. I have a corner tub, that is huge and takes forever to fill, and two minutes to cool. It is surrounded by tile making it very awkward to get in and out of. There is no water feature, and sadly the walls aren’t even white, because I haven’t had time to paint it. But truthfully, it’s not the room that makes the experience special; it’s the time I reserved for myself.

May this year be filled with endless possibilities, new opportunities, balance and serenity.


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1. Photo credit: Kara Mann
2. Photo credit: Karyl Pierce Paxton
3. Photo credit: Paolo Moschino
4. Photo credit: Sarah Richardson
5. Photo credit: Elle Decor

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