Nothing Like A Splash Of Red

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Please welcome back the lovely Monique Brierley as our guest writer today, here to talk to us about the colour red throughout the home.


Nothing like a splash of red to colour your world and warm the heart… Red is one of my favourite colours, I have to say.

I remember my Oma buying me only red parkas all throughout my childhood. It was her favourite colour, she only ever wore red lipstick and nail polish throughout her life.

Colour psychology tells us it is the best colour to stimulate appetite, hence it is recommended for dining rooms, commercial or domestic. I wonder whether my family have increased their food intake since our ruby red splashback was installed in our new kitchen? Hmm…

I love using red as an accent colour in interiors. As an accent it can immediately focus attention on a particular element. Combined with black, white, and grey, it warms up what can otherwise feel like a rather cold and clinical space. Darker shades, like burgundy, can be used to great effect in traditional and heritage style homes, whilst a clear, bright red is a show stopper in modern and retro inspired interiors.

I have a period style home. Originally I used heritage colours to decorate, based on the previous owner’s paint colours. Cream, green, gold and burgundy were used throughout. When we redecorated a few years back, the one colour I maintained was burgundy. It is now the accent colour which warms my ivory and black scheme, together with spotted gum floorboards and timber occasional pieces scattered throughout the house.

“If one says ‘red’– the name of colour – and there are fifty people listening, it can be expected that there will be fifty reds in their minds. And one can be sure that all these reds will be very different.”
— Josef Albers

If you want to attract attention or feel more confident, wear a splash of red. It is known to stimulate us. What an easy way to put a spring in your step! I recall a friend telling me, many years ago, that she always wore red shoes to interviews. That way, she would be remembered! It has the property of appearing to be nearer than it is and therefore it grabs our attention first.


In different cultures, red symbolises various things. In the western world we associate red with love, warmth and comfort, all things intense and passionate – think Valentine’s Day! In Eastern cultures it signifies joy when combined with white, in China red is associated with good luck and fortune. Feng Shui recommends painting the front door of a home red to invite prosperity to the residents. It’s a feel good colour! A red front door always says “Welcome!”

Is there anyone you know that just loves red? My friend, Narelle, is the queen of red. I doubt there is a day in her life when she can be spotted without a splash of red colouring her world! Here she is, looking lovely, as always.


What do you visualise when you think of the colour red? A beautiful bowl of fresh berries, your favourite winter coat… Perhaps even red roses?

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Monique BrierleyMonique began her career in administrative roles where her natural organisational abilities and can-do attitude quickly gained her a position quite early in her career as an Executive Assistant.

After deciding to change her career direction and keen to expand on her passion for interiors and colour, Monique embarked on interior decoration studies and has worked as an interior design consultant for over ten years.

Realising she could combine her passion for interiors and highly developed organisational skills into a single business idea, Monique embarked on the journey of Done… Tick!

Monique lives with her husband, two sons and their cat, in Melbourne, Australia.

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