A month full of Heart

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Hello February!

Aren’t you looking wonderful? (And yes, that’s despite the weather.)

February – a month of romance and heart covered everythings. Oh my.

I’ve always been a bit anti-Valentine’s day. (…ok, more than a ‘bit’. I  banned my husband from ever sending flowers to my workplace – I squirmed every time one of the girls in the office got another delivery of overpriced red roses on Valentine’s Day.)

We’ve been married 27 years last week, and right now he’s making good on a promise he made to me when we bought this land. He’s making me a rose garden!

And every time I say that I hear those lyrics in my head “I never promised you a rose garden“, except he did, he did!

So, expect many photos of roses. We’ve over a dozen bushes to plant once it dries out enough from the deluge we received this past weekend.

I’d rather a rose garden, a tender hug, an intimate dinner, or flowers on some random Friday in June ‘just because’, than a fuss at Valentine’s. But that doesn’t mean I’m not a complete and soppy romantic at heart.

(When we were dating, my dear husband told me I should write Mills and Boon books – not that he’d ever read one, nor me for that matter;)

So I’m thrilled to introduce our month of Heart for February.


And, because we’ve all got one – a Heart that is – I’d love to hear from you! Yes, you!

You have a tale to tell. A snippet, a moment, a series of anecdotes. A story true or a tall tall tale. A story of the heart.

And I’ve a feeling it’s just aching to be told. If only, if only you could know that it would be well received.

Just like Maree last month, when she shared her tale from the heart, and heard the echoes reverberating far and wide (in rather shocked astonishment:) – your story longs to be heard. Whether it’s grand, or just a wee something that made your heart sing.

Stories of grand love, or stolen moments. Chance encounters, or grand passions (pg-rated please). Photos of what makes your heart soar. Artwork straight from your heart. A place, a time, a song…

We want to hear it.

Write it. Sing it. Video it. Collage it. Paint it. Photograph it.

Share it.

Share your tale – tall or true – from your heart. We promise to hear it.

Send me an email with Story from my Heart in the subject line! Do it this week. We’ll be sharing right through this month of love.


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