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What a wonderful month it has been here at The Calm Space! I love the notion of space, of making room for delicious surprises and serendipity to float into our lives.

And the theme has had me thinking (again) about this space, how it works, how it best serves everyone – our core group of incredible contributors, our wonderful guest contributors, me, and of course, you.

In any space, we tweak as we go along. In our homes, we’re constantly moving, rearranging, vacuuming, and tossing out.

Here, we’re about to dive headlong into a redesign that will include some moving of furniture, plumping of cushions, and moving out stuff that no longer fits or is a little too threadbare. It will be easier to move around, there’ll be more space to lounge around, or gather with others to connect. Really, I’m hoping it will be luscious.

And one of the things that got the magnifying glass aimed at it recently was how I communicate with you. Here in posts, with our Calm Notes subscribers, those who subscribe to our RSS feed, and also on social media.

There is so much noise, I found myself not wanting to clutter your inbox nor to shout loudly to be heard above the din. So, what to do instead? What to do that fits with our values here (because yelling isn’t serene:), and yet honours our commitment to bringing you something to lift your heart, a ray of sunshine in your day, and more.

This post is the beginnings of the changes I’ll be making in how I communicate with you. A monthly round-up of all the posts, here instead of in your inbox, on the last day of each month.

For those on our Calm Notes list, you’ll be receiving shorter emails because you’re telling me that’s what you want. And I love small, bite sized morsels of goodness – like a tapas plate (with links if you’re hungry for more).

The Best of Space


3939792697_a72467960a_zWe kicked off the year Longing for Space. Space to breathe. Space to find yourself. Space to be quiet. Space to dance wildly, or do a slow sensuous rumba. Space to spread your wings. Where in your life are you longing for space?



readIn Reading Space, Carolyn talks about Summer Reading – What’s in my stash?  Whether it’s summer for you – or the depths of winter – there’s nothing like getting lost in a really good book. I am tempted by a couple of these, and love revisiting old favourites too. Have you read any on Carolyn’s list, or do you have a book you’re just loving to bits?


5518516077_e0e428305f_zI felt the need, this year, to start the New Year softly. Not with a flurry of goals and activity, but with refuelling, resting, and quiet. In Doing New Year My Own Way, I share some thoughts that have been on my mind, as well as two words I’ll be using as guideposts in 2013.


photo foodsHave you discovered Paula Antonini yet? She’s our new Health Space contributor, and I am loving her approach to nourishing ourselves with the food we eat. She’s down to earth and practical and so inspiring. In Your Space Guides Your Choices, Paula shares two rules to help new eating habits stick past that initial flurry of enthusiasm we get at new year.


Wattled baskets backgroundAs always, our Organising Space guru Angela Esnouf challenges on our stuff. If you’ve ever thought you need more space (an extension to the house? a shed out the back? more storage containers?) – Subtracting to Make Space is a must read.


Bonita_K-space_photoIt is a delight to welcome Bonita Rose to our pages! First, she shared her delicious morning routine, a way of carving out sacred space in your morning, to welcome in miracles. If you’re the sort of person who starts your morning like you’ve got a marathon to run today, I invite you to take a deep breath as you read Sacred Space. Sacred Silence. My Morning Routine.


5992499107_49007611f9_zAnother welcome! Monique Brierley shared a poignant story of time spent in the home of someone dear to her, and the love that infuses this home in Her Little Corner of the Earth.



2320887015_8703ca8207_zWhen Maree first approached me with this story, she was glad to have written it but not sure it was ‘publishable’. Now I hope she sees how very much she has to share with the world! Discovering the Hidden Heart hands down wins our ‘most commented upon’ post this month! A story full of heart and beauty – don’t miss this one. (And let’s encourage Maree to write for us some more, shall we?)


5518992555_e7119f4017_zIn Energy Space, the lovely Linda asks How Do You Use Your Space? As usual, Linda offers a unique and interesting perspective – I have never thought of space in quite this way before. Linda explains that it’s not just about physical space (and extreme hoarders), but also intimate, verbal, and life space. Love the conversation happening here too.


Angela_Esnouf-One_step_towards_PeaceMoving away from space, and towards peace for a moment, Angela shares One Step Towards Peace in Organising Space. Is there a small step you can take today to move towards feeling more peaceful – take a look at the examples here, or share your own.


Miki'ala_DeVivo-Miki's_Space_ImageAnd to complete the month in the most beautiful way possible, Miki shares the story of a really big realisation in Front and Center. “It’s OK to want what I want.” This post is hitting a chord, big time. Have you ever thought you don’t know what you want, or that you can’t have what you want because you don’t deserve it? Read this!

Space to Breathe


light from heaven

Why Do You Stay?



Image (c) Bonita RosaSee What Is Before You. Our second offering from Bonita Rose this month – her stunning photography and precious words really do encourage me to stop and take a deep, nourishing breath. Mmmm…





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