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We women are busy all year long, aren’t we? So why is it that we keep waiting for that magic moment when “things will quiet down” before taking some time out to enjoy a moment of Peace?

I’ve written before about taking baby steps toward any goal, and this goal of finding peace is no different. We don’t wake up one morning, having checked all our tasks off the never-ending to do list, with a triumphant exclamation “Today I have Peace!”

No. It’s up to us to search for it and create it ourselves, in the little things as well as the large. But it sure helps to know what we’re looking for.
What would create some peace for you? Here’s my list

  •   Completing that UFO (unfinished object) craft project so I can finally give it to someone special
  •   Having an hour to do absolutely nothing
  •   Seeing my granddaughter sing at her concert
  •   Feeling like the house is ready any time to receive visitors
  •   Having some meals ready in the freezer for those nights I can’t face cooking

I could go on (and on) but you get the idea.

Go ahead and take 5 minutes to write down exactly what would give you peace right now.

Once you have that list, you can identify the first baby step for each goal. For instance, my “having an hour to do absolutely nothing” can’t happen till I’ve taken a look at my diary. My “feeling like the house is ready to receive visitors” is a pretty fuzzy concept, so a first step there would be to define “ready to receive visitors”. Get the picture?

What would be a first step towards Peace for you?

May that be the first step of many.

And may you find Peace.

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