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Please welcome Monique Brierley as our guest writer today. More about Monique below.


Over the last couple of months I have spent one day a week at the home of a very special someone in my life.

We have cleaned, decluttered , re-organized and re-styled rooms , one at a time. Before I go on, what you must know is that this lady is highly organized and a clean freak… she dusts everyday. Yes! Everyday… except Sundays, I think. Everything has to match, shade complimentary or near perfect.

We are talking serious perfectionista!

Together, we have updated furnishings, found new lamp shades, blinds and curtains and bedroom furniture. In the midst of choosing new side tables for the living area at the moment. Still looking for that elusive “perfect” quilt cover that incorporates her favorite colours. I will know it the moment I see it.

This is her little corner of the earth, her home, her private space.

It is not how she would wish it to be and so compromises have been made over many years. Despite the peeling paint and wallpaper, this home is cleaned and cared for as if it were a palace.  There is s place for everything and everything in it’s place. Open any cupboard or drawer in the whole place, you won’t be disappointed.

She has many photos of her much loved children and grandchildren surrounding her with love, and when not listening to 3AW on the radio (ugh!) she fills her
space with music that feeds her soul, loud and proud. Except when she needs quiet. This is not where she saw herself spending over half her life.

In the course of transforming this space we have breathed some new life and energy into this home and I am so glad to have been a part of that. We still have a little way to go, but the momentum has been created! Two heads are always better than one I say, particularly ours.

What overwhelms me is how she honours her space. Her home and belongings are cared for with such respect, without attaching more importance to them than they deserve.

Sometimes you learn life’s important lessons when least expected.

Do you find that?


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About Our Guest Writer

Monique BrierleyMonique began her career in administrative roles where her natural organisational abilities and can-do attitude quickly gained her a position quite early in her career as an Executive Assistant.

After deciding to change her career direction and keen to expand on her passion for interiors and colour, Monique embarked on interior decoration studies and has worked as an interior design consultant for over ten years.

Realising she could combine her passion for interiors and highly developed organisational skills into a single business idea, Monique embarked on the journey of Done… Tick!

Monique lives with her husband, two sons and their cat, in Melbourne, Australia.


2 Responses to “Her Little Corner of the Earth”
  1. bonitarose says:

    loved reading this! I so so believe there is a way of honoring the things and the loved ones that are important to us without introducing more clutter in our lives. I love that you are doing this..you have found your niche, your gift to the world.. bravo!
    xo loved reading this!