Doing New Year My Own Way

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Oh the pressure! My inbox is full of glorious downloadable worksheets, insightful questions, reflections on the year past and lyrical waxing on goals and brilliance for the year ahead. Love letters, lists, proclamations abound.

I’m kinda guessing yours may be too.

And in my head, I had planned to be so darn organised in the post-Christmas lull that I’d get all my planning done, miraculously inspired goals and timetables and spreadsheets would just pour from my fingers on a direct download from some uber-wise part of me.

And I’d write sparkling posts and emails full of brilliant insight. (ha!)

But the truth is, December snuck up on me this (um, last) year. And Christmas pounced. And in the aftermath of the busiest month of the year, I was tired. My brain needed, more than anything else, to rest – along with my body and soul.

I rested. I still am resting, although now I’ve started to tackle little projects, like washing/airing all the bedding in the house on New Years Day; sorting paperwork and setting up systems around my desk to help me manage it better; and I’ve sorted through half of my wardrobe (the easy half).

I’m resisting the pull of all those emails and status updates that imply the only way to start off a successful year is to do some magical process, set goals, and plan plan plan.

I am giving myself permission to ignore the underlying message (and any ‘shoulds’ or guilt) that if I don’t do this, I’ll be a failure. And the message that if I follow their way of doing things everything will change and manna will fall from the sky.

It’s hot. Summer is in full swing. My family is still on holidays. Honouring that rhythm, the seasonal need to slow down, feels delicious.

Sometimes the best way to start the year is resting. Puttering around the house. Eating mangoes and swimming. And napping, lots and lots of sweet naps. Refilling my tank in preparation for the year ahead.

The plans will come in their own sweet time. They always do.


I’ve been preparing for 2013 for oh, at least the last six months and possibly all my life. There’s been a feeling of expectation, an opening to possibility, a doorway of sorts into a newness, a freshness, a strong light.

It’s hard to explain, this anticipation.

And yet, here I am, resting.


As the first season of Calm Space Salon wound down last year and my thoughts turned to the future, the one question uppermost in my mind was:

What is sustainable?

For me, sustainable is about managing my energy so I am able to be completely present with my clients in every interaction. When I am present I give my very best.


I’m going to be talking a lot about ease this year. I just feel it.

The question I’m asking myself – what if this was easy for me? How would it look?

Not ease as in, lazy. Ease as in, it flows. Ease as in, no pushing a boulder uphill.

Ease is sustainable.

Knowing that by creating ease, I deliver the best I have to give. Knowing that by creating ease with ritual and intention, I will have the stamina and the motivation to keep going, to go the distance.

By creating ease, it becomes just what I do. And the ripples from every effort are so great.


I shared in an email recently (do you get Calm Notes?) about a dream I had. Of welcoming each woman in turn with a warm, love-filled hug as she entered the Salon. And I have delighted in watching that dream come true. There’s been a slow, steady influx of beautiful women making the decision to accept my invitation and open that door. I am so delighted they’ve made the commitment to themselves.

There’s still plenty of space for you, if you’re ready to commit to crafting your beautiful life this year. We’ll be doing it sustainably, with delicious servings of ease. You’ll get the very best I have to offer, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you. With an emphasis on self-care and feeling more nourished than ever.

I’ve started handing out gifts to help you ease your way into the year ahead by filling your well, and there’s more to come.

The early bird pricing ends Monday 7 Jan – make the decision before then and you can lock it in for life.


Your turn. How are you feeling as the year rolls on in, hon?

Have you given yourself permission to start the year your way, with what your body and soul is craving?

Or have you heard too much of how the world tells you it needs to be done?


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About Káren Wallace

Karen dec12As well as being the founder and editor of The Calm Space, I am also a coach who relishes the joy I get from watching women feel the power of taking small steps to transform their life. I firmly believe in the magic of making change sustainable – and easy – and adore watching the miracles happen.

When you (finally) make yourself a priority, it’s magic!

Please connect with me on Facebook, and I’d be honoured if you’d see if  Calm Space Salon is for you.


10 Responses to “Doing New Year My Own Way”
  1. I have been thinking about the same things here in Ireland Karen. I have never been a great fan of New Year Resolutions. So I have made only one plan which is to spend more time with the people I love and enjoy (we don’t always get both together!) John O’Donohue who wrote Anam Cara said ‘your soul knows the geography..’ and I have been relaxing into that possibility. If my soul knows then my mind need not worry.I find this so liberating.
    Enjoy the sun Karen and I look forward to enjoying your company this year through your blog.

    • Happy New Year Martine! Ooooh, ‘your soul knows the geography’… yes! Thanks for the reminder. I love that you’re relaxing into the possibility and spending time with the people you love and enjoy (great distinction there).

      I look forward to enjoying your company too, sweetheart! xxx

  2. Maree Crosbie says:

    I tried 2013 the hyped planning organised way ans fell in a heap because I was/am tired, family on holidays but I recovered and declined feely.g guilty. So I laid around watching sloppy chick flicks and having godess naps ans have now started organizing my work space and tomorrow my lovely husband is putting in a new bench for me.
    I look forward to hearing more about EASE Karen, it is just what I need.
    See you in the Salon

    • Oh, Maree – seems like we were both in that same place of needing to replenish. Love that your work space is coming together – that’s so exciting! (Are you taking photos?)

      I can’t wait to dive into the Salon with you love, I have been putting all the little finishing touches on things and it’s getting me so excited! xxx

  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m feeling exactly the same! Normally I’m all “get organized, plan, make charts” but this year – it’s just not happenning and I don’t really want it to. I remember that January last year was busy and I told myself I didn’t want to do that again, that I wanted January to be the time I curled up and away and just let myself do whatever – I would join the world again completely in February. I think I’m putting that into practice wether I want to or not.

    • Hello Jennifer. So lovely to see you here.

      Taking January off sounds so delicious, doesn’t it? Do let us know how you feel once you get to February – I’m betting you’ll be on fire! xxx

  4. Carolyn Leslie says:

    I’m not starting my ‘new year’ until February, when my kids go back to school. I’ve learned that January is a time for rest, hanging out with my little guys (one of whom is starting school this year), surviving the heat, lots of reading, and ‘chillaxing’. That last term is courtesy of my 5 year-old! I made a decision last year to adopt the rhythms of the school year (after nearly burning myself out juggling my freelance business and family life). Why the school year? Because it is what suits me and my family at this time of our lives. So, Feb is the time for lists, decisions, goal-setting etc. January is the time for rest and recuperation. It is the time my family can actually be together and relax…

    • I love the rhythms of the school year as a way of pacing ourselves so we don’t burn out, Carolyn. Sounds really wise to spend this month on rest and recuperation and family time. And I’m so glad I’m not the only one not diving headlong into the new year on 1 Jan. xxx

  5. bonitarose says:

    your salon membership sounds wonderful.. but even at 39/month.. it’s too steep for me at this point financially in our lives. :( I’m bummed.. I would hv loved to be a part of this.
    It sounds exactly like what I need this year….
    have fun ladies.