Discovering the Hidden Heart

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I am thrilled to welcome long-time reader Maree Crosbie to our pages today. More about Maree below.


I have been fortunate enough to discover a heart when most people believed there was none.

Years ago I met a man and although at the time it did not go well it turned out to be an amazing experience. It was in my professional capacity and he had been referred to me, but clearly did not want to be there. He was rude and threatening and just plain scary.

Next time we met it was worse and I had nightmares about him.  Part of me wanted to tell him I could no longer see him, but didn’t because this was a person who had fallen through the cracks all his life. I did not want to let him down.

He was born in a home for unmarried Mothers and grew up in various children’s homes where he was abused in every possible way. He left at eighteen years of age with a few dollars in his pocket and was truly all alone in the world with few skills. He was illiterate, unable to read or write despite his innate intelligence.

I went on leave and when I came back there was “the dreaded appointment” in my diary and I did not look forward to it. The receptionist came and told me he had arrived and that he was very different and when I greeted him I could see that he was a changed man.

There was a great transformation and he was no longer angry, he smiled at me and explained that he could not work out “what was in it for me” (all his life he had been exploited) and he had spoken to his only friend about me and he explained that it was my job and that there was nothing in it for me and that he probably made my life difficult.

This was a huge break through and in the next few weeks several people asked me what had happened as they had known this man for years and never seen him like this.

He trusted me, it was one of the rare occasions when someone was on his side.

I started to look forward to our time together and he made great progress and was happy for me to arrange one on one literacy classes.

He represented himself at a tribunal and this was very important as he was in control and telling his own story. We worked out a series of hand signals for me to give if he started to get angry and it went very well.

Afterwards out in a busy city street he leant over and kissed me on the cheek and said “you know I love you” and rushed off. I stood there with tears running down my cheeks while people pushed past me and I remembered how dry his skin felt.

A week later he rang me to say “you know what I said, I meant like a daughter” and I said that yes I did know that.

There is so much more to this mans amazing story. I am proud to have played in part in helping him discover his own heart, I am glad to know that he had found a more peaceful, heartfelt way to live his life.


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About Our Guest Contributor

MareeMaree Crosbie is a Trainer, Financial Counsellor and Life Coach with a great sense of humour and a background in nursing, the corporate world and most recently the community sector and is a published author. Maree has worked with a wide range of clients and says that it is an honour to share in peoples growing confidence and achievements.


11 Responses to “Discovering the Hidden Heart”
  1. Chris Owen says:

    Oh Maree I’ve GOT GOOSEBUMPS reading that!!!

    What an amazing experience. You can NEVER say that you haven’t achieved in this world after that kind of moment!!

    Thanks sooooo much for telling it.

  2. Maree, what a gift you gave him. Thank you for sharing that with us. I’m choked up and filled with hope for the world.

    • Carolyn Leslie says:

      Tears pricked behind my eyes as well when I read this story. Thanks for sharing it with us, Maree!

  3. Often it is hard to see beyond the anger to the pain underneath. What a blessing you gave to this man, Maree. Your voice will stay with him for all his life.

  4. bonitarose says:

    thank you for sharing this beautiful relationship with us.. and the rest of the world… precious people such as this need to be celebrated! xo hugs

  5. Maree says:

    Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

    Chris, recently after a training session I was asked if I felt I had ever made a real difference in someones life and I was able to answer with a resounding yes.

    Angela, it is a great thing to have hope for the world. I believe that most people have the capacity to change given the right situation.

    Martine, it was hard for me at first not to just react to his anger and not delve deep enough to help with the pain. I was fortunate to have an excellent supervisor who helped me through the early sessions.

    Bonitarose, I love your words as sadly most people like this are totally overlooked.

  6. A lovely article Maree – on a very touching subject. Beautiful!

  7. Sarah Day says:

    This was a very poignant and moving story that reminded me of the important things in life and made me cry!
    Thank goodness there are still a few people like Maree left who have the heart to care and make a diiference.