The Best of Space

January 31, 2013 by  
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What a wonderful month it has been here at The Calm Space! I love the notion of space, of making room for delicious surprises and serendipity to float into our lives. And the theme has had me thinking (again) about this space, how it works, how it best serves everyone – our core group of […]

Front and Center

January 30, 2013 by  
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Recently the landscape of my mental space underwent a tectonic shift. It was like getting whacked upside the head by a monk in those Buddhist stories, like looking in the mirror and finding out that all this time I thought my hair was blond but finding it’s really black. I realized that it’s ok to […]

One Step Towards Peace

January 28, 2013 by  
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We women are busy all year long, aren’t we? So why is it that we keep waiting for that magic moment when “things will quiet down” before taking some time out to enjoy a moment of Peace? I’ve written before about taking baby steps toward any goal, and this goal of finding peace is no […]

How Do You Use Your Space?

January 23, 2013 by  
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How comfortable are you with space? Do you claim your space? Do you feel the need to fill empty space? There are many different types of space and the way you use space can be very revealing – whether it’s your physical space (your home and work place), your intimate space (your boundaries),  verbal space […]

See what is before you

January 22, 2013 by  
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The earth smiles in the simplest of things. Wherever you are, wherever you are living your one life, look around. Look around at the space you inhabit. And see what is before you. See. You can find more gorgeous photography, along with art and other creations, from Bonita Rose – in particular her inspirations from […]

Discovering the Hidden Heart

January 21, 2013 by  
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I am thrilled to welcome long-time reader Maree Crosbie to our pages today. More about Maree below. I have been fortunate enough to discover a heart when most people believed there was none. Years ago I met a man and although at the time it did not go well it turned out to be an […]

Her Little Corner of the Earth

January 18, 2013 by  
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Please welcome Monique Brierley as our guest writer today. More about Monique below. Over the last couple of months I have spent one day a week at the home of a very special someone in my life. We have cleaned, decluttered , re-organized and re-styled rooms , one at a time. Before I go on, […]

Sacred Space. Sacred Silence. My Morning Routine.

January 16, 2013 by  
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I am thrilled to welcome Bonita Rose to The Calm Space today. More about Bonita Rose below. My morning routine. Sacred space. Sacred silence. Sacred candlelight. I begin each day with precious time for me to just be. To just be. Life can be harried. Busy. Chaotic. Filled with stress, drama, and all those other […]

Subtracting to Make Space

January 11, 2013 by  
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There are two ways to gain more Space in your home. 1.    Add – build a new room, or build or buy more efficient storage OR 2.    Subtract – evaluate what is taking up space in your home and eliminate something In my experience, people usually do not evaluate their available space until forced to […]

Your Space Guides Your Choices

January 7, 2013 by  
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January is the natural time each year when we start to rethink and reflect about many areas of our lives. One that nearly always comes up is diet – not necessarily going ‘on a diet’ but simply thinking about what is included in our diet on a regular basis. It’s not unusual to think about […]

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