What Would Peace Do?

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As I write this article, it is “Black Friday”

It’s the day after American Thanksgiving when holiday spending madness begins in earnest – people lined up outside of malls and stores, sleeping in tents, waiting to get in and fight over the best deals for Christmas shopping.

This is the opposite of creating meaningful holiday memories

The holiday season has morphed into something I’m not sure many of us even recognize. When I happen to see advertising or I hear about the stress-filled frenzy to make it a memorable holiday, there is a distinct undercurrent of obligation, overspending, over-commitment and exhaustion. Not only is there physical and mental exhaustion but the frenzy sucks our collective energy (and money) until there is nothing at all happy about our holiday season.

Let’s do it differently

…find the courage to break those agreements that are fear-based and claim your personal power.

~Don Miguel Ruiz~

Sometimes, it can feel like there are no choices in the matter when we are surrounded by the expectation of others. But believe me, you can choose differently. If you find yourself anxious about the way you are spending your time, energy or money over the holidays, or, if you are dreading certain parts of the next month, I invite you to join me.

Take a deep breath and relax for a moment

In fact, take a few deep breaths and let your body relax. This is the Calm Space, after all. Grab a journal, a cup of tea, and a quiet place to spend a few moments. With all the love and curiosity that you have in your heart, make a list of things that you do during the holidays that you really don’t want to do… holiday parties with people you don’t really enjoy, giving everyone within a 3 mile radius of your house and each of their pets a gift, Christmas celebrations at multiple locations so no one feels hurt, financing your holiday with credit debt because it’s expected, hosting the family dinner where everyone gets lit and argues endlessly…

Yes, write all of those things down, darling. This is your totally honest and completely secret list of things that you really, truly don’t want to do this holiday season – the holiday obligation and resentment list. Remember, it isn’t on this list if you love it, okay?

Read through your list again, slowly. Take in things that you do to create “meaningful holiday memories” for other people. These are the same things that on some level create unhappy holidays and perhaps financial repercussions for you.

What would peace do?

Meaningful, happy holidays are actually created with peace. So I would invite you to consider your list and ask yourself, “If I were to embody peace, what would I do with the stuff on this list?”

Sit quietly, being peace, and listen for an answer.

Would peace spend the money that isn’t in the bank? Would peace go to the party? Would peace send Christmas cards to the 500 distant relatives?

Write down what peace would do with all the holiday crap you resent. And if peace says no, consider giving yourself a gift – stop doing what isn’t working for you.

Let peace rule.

Yeah, but…

I can almost hear some of your minds whirring frantically, “Yeah, but you don’t know my Aunt Heloise…. if we don’t show up at her house with gifts for everyone, she’ll badmouth us to the whole family!” or “Yeah, but if I don’t go to the dreadful holiday party, my husband won’t get the promotion!”

I know it can be really frightening to choose to do something different. However, the most important part of creating a memorable holiday for yourself that is based on peace and not fear is aligning your actions (and your spending) with your values and priorities.

A revolution of peace

Following your own path of peace during the holidays is nothing short of a revolution. If you choose to put personal peace first during the holidays, it may feel uncomfortable for the month of December, but think of the freedom you will experience in January. You could start 2013 with more energy, not less, with more money instead of worrying about debt, and you could even feel more connected to the people you love instead of being ready for a vacation.

What would peace do?

Let that be your mantra and your guiding light this holiday season and be amazed at the meaningful holiday memories that you create.

p.s. Don’t be surprised if others join you in relief when you let them in on your secret.

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4 Responses to “What Would Peace Do?”
  1. Bec says:

    Ah, Nona, after years of doing the please-the-family and the ‘yeah but’s, I finally got the courage last year to do exactly this.

    Rather than be the peacemaker in a fractious collection of relatives, the organiser, the diplomat etc, I sought out a peaceful location to spend last Christma and rented a small cottage in a lovely rural setting near a river with an invitation to a select few people to come join me on Christmas day if they wanted to.

    It was a really special day, spent with people who brought joy, laughter and their calm with them and left the “expectations” at home. Did it ruffle feathers in my family? You bet, but it also gave others within my family permission to seek the same.

  2. What a beautiful question! One of the gifts my complicated family gave me was a sense of urgency about this question over 20 years ago. I can honestly say that each Xmas since has been a blessing, full of cherished times and lovely memories. I do thoughtful gifts as opposed to expensive ones and in doing so, I have been receiving the same (with a few hiccoughs) for most of this time. I write notes of thanks on Xmas cards and find that my cards are treasured much more than ’round robin’ gifts.I enjoy saving for Xmas and staying within my budget. And I enter the new year without resentment or fear. ‘What would peace do?’ is the best Xmas gift you will ever give your self and those you love.

  3. So well said, Martine! I love that you have found a way that really works to create peace in your life!! XOXO