Only Love

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only love


2 Responses to “Only Love”
  1. Maree says:

    How very true that is and said by such a wise man. I have stayed away from all the hateful comments in the social media, I understand why people are angry, but it is really not that simple.
    Many people who commit terrible acts are often victims of mental illness, sometimes diagnosed and/or untreated. This by no means excuses acts of violence but it would be a good place to start fixing the problem. Our mental health services are poor in Australia and there are many parents/carers who live in fear of their loved one while still loving them and feeling powerless.
    It is time to lobby government for better services and programs.

    • I understand you staying away from those comments in social media, Maree. I have been too. I know that my getting upset wont bring them back. My feeling awful wont change the world. Only love can do that. So I chose to stay clear of the stories, for now. This quote really says it better than I can.