It’s Been Quite a Year! (The Calm Space Top 10 {+2} for 2012)

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It's been quite a year!

Whew! I am feeling like I just stepped off a fast roller coaster ride. My blood is still buzzing through my veins, my head is slightly dizzy, and maybe I’m a little wobbly on my feet. 2012 has been quite a year!

And what better way to round it off than by taking a look back at our most popular posts for the year. These are the posts you visited the most, shared the most.

There is something about pausing to look back and assess the year that allows us to bring in the new year feeling complete with the old. I read a quote recently that said, trying to move into the future while hanging onto the past is like trying to board a train with one hand tied to a light pole. (Or words to that effect – I wish I’d noted where I saw it:)

So, to move on with the startlingly magical 2013 I have planned for the Calm Space, it’s time to look back and be complete with the year that was.

Without further ado, the top 12 posts for 2012 in your eyes:

Our top two posts were both from guest contributor Dani. Thank you Dani for these wonderful posts!

Embrace Confidence: Top 5 Ways to Love Yourself

See the Glass Half Full: 3 Steps for Making the Most of Change

In third place, this golden treasure from Michele Lisenbury Christensen.

How to Ask Your Partner for A Change

I love Hafiz, and this quote is truly one of my all time favourites (and one of the key ideas behind The Calm Space and all that I do). The desktop wallpaper was a real hit.

Your Astonishing Light

In fifth place is this gem from our Energy Space writer, Linda Binns – wise as ever!

Everyday Breakthroughs

The sixth place post is a surprise to me. It’s the announcement I made in March that I was putting The Calm Space on hiatus, in order to uncover my own enthusiasm (or not). As is now obvious – I rediscovered my passion for this space. In fact, it has grown immeasurably and we’re now looking at rather daring expansion plans for 2013! (More on that soon).

Seeking Our Own Calm and Serenity

The seventh place is another post of mine. A favourite because it talks about you.

You Are Already a Masterpiece

In eighth place, I introduced a gorgeous friend of mine with a very very important message. Because, yes, you may just be running on empty! Lisa Gillispie created quite a stir with this post on adrenal fatigue around social media. Read it and you’ll know why. This is a post worth sharing!

It’s Not Just Your Imagination, Your Body May Indeed Be Running On Fumes

Coming in ninth is this gem from our resident organising guru. I always get something from Angela Esnouf‘s posts (anyone close to me will tell you, when the organised genes were being handed out, I was off daydreaming:)

Changing Minds

Our tenth most popular post was our introduction to the wisdom of my friend Gini Martinez, she really hit a nerve here.

Your Mind Body Contract is Up for Renewal. {Immediate Action Required}

And in honour of 2012, a final {+2} posts to round out the year.

Relationship Mentor Chris Owen always writes from the heart (and often, her words hit right in the heart too). This post can really make you think about your relationship, and that is a good thing.

What’s Your Relationship Becoming?

And finally, this. The flip-side of the post in 6th place. The return. The story of my journey inward that led me right back here with renewed commitment and enthusiasm. It’s such a joy to be here, and have you here with me.

My Journey to Trust


So tell me, what sticks out for you as you look back on 2012? Please share in the comments below!

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  1. Carolyn Leslie says:

    I’m quite new to the Calm Space, and this post is a great guide to some fantastic material to explore. I’m looking forward to delving into these blasts from the almost-past!

  2. Maree says:

    I really enjoyed reading these again. Thanks Karen.