Dive Deliciously into Crafting Your Beautiful Life

December 21, 2012 by  
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beachHeralded by today’s Solstice, it feels like the energy of change is very strong for the new year. We feel like we’re on the cusp of something magnificent – just there, over the next ridge.

And we want to run to it, arms flung out, hair flying behind us as we throw ourselves into its arms like lovers embracing. We want to be consumed by the fires of our passionate union.

And yet.

Yet, we stand still. We hold back.

It’s like there’s a chord tethering us to safe, to known. Its hold on us is hard to break.

One minute we long passionately for this new life, this beautiful life. The next, we’re sabotaging ourselves, holding ourselves back from the edge in a resistance that’s hard to name.

One minute we’re poised to leap – gathering all our energy into our muscles in preparation for the jump. And the next, we’re turning back for the same old soothing mechanisms that got us into this place of dissatisfied in the first place.

And then we start to mentally chastise ourselves for not changing. For not doing what we know we ‘should’. For doing the things we swore we wouldn’t do anymore. For not saying NO! enough.

Which causes more pain, more anguish and makes the action seem even further out of reach.


Until we turn gratitude onto ourselves. And love. So much love.

Until we start to nourish the inner saboteur, the sweet procrastinator, the delicious diva of distraction within.

And we find the support and structure that will help us gently shuck those chords tying us to the old way, like tossing clothes as we run towards the waves on a sunny day at the beach. Freely. Easily tossed hither and thither.

With this delicious dive into the waters of crafting your beautiful life, you wont go back for those clothes. Your radiance is cloth enough, sweetness.

Will you join me? xxx


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