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Change yourself and your life

by committing to one small ritual each month

It seems too simple to actually work. Change means hard work, struggle, stress, doesn’t it?

That depends on whether you believe it does.

Your perspective, your belief about what change means is everything.

I proved to myself all over again recently that change can be all about just one thing.

During winter I had a few niggles in my left knee. It stopped me walking as much as I wanted. I got into some bad habits, left my mat propped in the corner of the room.

The knee is better now (I have a terrific naturopath). But the legacy of inactivity, of diving straight into the computer each morning, left me feeling sluggish and unhappy. Disconnected from my body.

Enter warmer weather.

One hot weekend I went for a swim – a lazy Sunday afternoon swim with my husband. (I’m still getting used to having a pool.)

And I thought – this!

Swimming is my way of intentionally getting reconnected and back in touch with my body.

The following morning as I went to shower, I saw my togs hanging on the bathtub where I’d left them to dry.

Without over thinking, I pulled them on, grabbed a towel and headed outside. Dived in and did a few laps.

Heart pounding, muscles zinging.

This! A new ritual was born (well, for the warmer months:)

At the end of the week I noticed something.

When I came back inside after my swim I automatically went to turn the coffee maker on. And stopped mid reach. Water. My body wants water. A glass later, I filled my water bottle and deposited it on my desk before heading to the bathroom.

A quick look in the mirror and out came nourishment for my face, my hair. Still clad in damp togs, wrapped in a towel with mask on both face and hair, I checked on my emails and sipped more water. Then a nourishing breakfast was required. Which I cooked and ate sitting down in the kitchen.

The glow lasted the whole day through.

I ate better and more consciously. Stopped eating at my desk. Drank more water.

I was less likely to over-react to stuff. And everything became easier.

Which made it easier to pull those togs on again the next morning.

It hasn’t been perfect. Oh far from it. There have been days when I haven’t wanted to wet my hair and go through that whole drying ritual. There have been days when it’s been stormy and unpleasant, and let’s be honest – days when I just couldn’t be bothered.

For me, beating myself up for not swimming would be easy but counter-productive. But it’s like they tell you with meditation. Notice the thoughts and go back to your breath.

So I’ve simply noticed – hmm, slipped up there for a few days – and gone back to the practice.

As I write this, I’m fresh out of the shower, with damp hair still piled on the top of my head. Half consumed bottle of water in front of me. And my muscles are still tingling.

But even better… I know now I can trust myself to go back again, and again, and again until the ritual becomes just what I do.

The flow-on effects of just one thing can be incredible!

In my case, my goal to intentionally reconnect with my body by starting my day in the pool has meant I am hydrated, I am feeding myself more consciously, I have more energy and am better able to cope with the stuff that life throws my way. And then, of course, there’s all the benefits of the exercise itself.

Yes, transforming your life can be simple.

Yes, transforming your life can be all about just one thing.

How peaceful is that?

No matter what area of your life you’d like to change, I’d like to invite you to start with just one thing. Create a ritual, and watch it expand out into your life in ways you never imagined!

In the comments below, I’d love it if you’d share just one thing you’ll commit to doing for the next month.

And, if you’d like to do this with the added power of a group and a coach to support you – I would be delighted if you’d take a look at the all new Calm Space Salon. Doors are now open for 2013.

About Káren Wallace

Karen dec12As well as being the founder and editor of The Calm Space, I am also a coach who relishes the joy I get from watching women feel the power of taking small steps to transform their life. I firmly believe in the magic of making change sustainable – and easy – and adore watching the miracles happen.

When you (finally) make yourself a priority, it’s magic!

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3 Responses to “changing your life the easy way”
  1. Beautiful! Absolutely spot on Karen…so many people will read this and agree but most of us need to hold ourselves accountable WITH someone. That’s why coaching is so important and especially with a coach like you!

  2. Karen, despite being on opposite hemispheres, we are totally in sync! {Not to be confused with ‘N Sync.}

    A good friend recently gave me a small journal and I decided to create a combination meditation-grattude practice every morning before going to work. I get quiet so that 3 things, for which I want to express gratitude, can ease into my mental space. I write them down, reflect on what they mean, and then start my day. It’s a small shift that radically changes my outlook for the day.

    Thank you for posting this! xoxo